Types of ornamental fish that can be kept in a home aquarium

The variety of aquarium fish species is impressive. The species contained in aquariums often differ in body shape, unusual coloring, and small size. Before you buy ornamental fish, it is necessary to carefully study the information about the peculiarities of their content, species, and symptoms of diseases.

The most popular families of aquarium fish are:

– catfish
– goldfish
– finches
– cichlids
– viviparous
– labyrinthine
– characins

Soms could be more competent in maintenance conditions. They are non-aggressive and undemanding of food. The only thing to remember is that many species grow pretty significantly.

Types of ornamental fish
Aquarium catfish

Goldfish are the most popular species of fish kept in home aquariums. They get along with other species and are okay with food. The most important thing to remember when buying these fish is that they need oxygenated water.

Золотая рыбка

The Viunus is not active and can spend much time without moving. They have a funny habit of burrowing into the ground, leaving only their eyes on the surface. Most of them have barbs, which they skillfully use in case of danger. A widespread species is the boccia.


When breeding cichlids, remember that they are aggressive towards both their own and foreign species, including scalars and discus.


The carp have a peaceful disposition that is favorable to other species. The best-known species are barbs and danio.


Viviparous fish are quite popular due to their endurance and ability to adapt quickly. For many novice aquarists, acquaintance with the inhabitants of the underwater world begins with a representative of this family: guppy fish.


They are brightly colored, do not require special maintenance conditions, and quickly reproduce.

Labyrinth fish are prevalent and well-suited for beginners. These types of fish can peacefully exist with other species of fish. Bright representatives are gourami and cockerels.

Cockerel fish are excellent candidates for a first fish. Even though they are combative, several representatives of this species can be kept in the aquarium.


Characinus is probably the most numerous group of aquarium fish. Its representatives are very diverse in terms of conditions and temperament. This family includes predators and herbivores. Popular representatives are the fish tetras.

Tetra fish

Clownfish: popularity could be better for you! This species is a member of the perch family and one of the few marine species whose entire life cycle can occur in captivity. After the famous cartoon “Finding Nemo” was released, the popularity of this species increased so much that biologists sounded the alarm. This species has a remarkable, colorful appearance.

Below are photos of clownfish in captivity. They live in thickets of actiniae, whose shooty properties are used for defense against enemies. At birth, all individuals are males.


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