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Fish diseases, symptoms, treatment

The most common cause of fish diseases is violating the conditions of their maintenance and care. It is necessary to study the causes and symptoms carefully to prevent them. All fish diseases, depending on the pathogens, can be divided into two groups:

  • invasive (pathogen of animal origin)
  • infectious (pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Let’s take a closer look at the most common fish diseases.Bug-eyed

The symptom is the eyes protruding too clearly from the sockets. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, including a lack of vitamins, parasites, and poor-quality water. It is necessary to remove the sick individual and completely change the water in the aquarium.

fish diseases


The disease occurs in most types of aquarium fish. Signs of this fish disease include bloating of the abdominal cavity and shortness of breath. Fungi and viruses cause it. Antibacterial drugs must be added to the food, and the aquarium must be cleaned.

Fin rot

The causative agents of the disease are bacteria. A characteristic sign is a light blue clouding of the fins, followed by the destruction of their structure. The cause of this disease is often infrequent water changes, so treatment should consist of improving your pets’ living conditions.

Obesity fish

Obesity appears in small aquariums with too much feeding (novice aquarists especially abuse this). Sick fish move a little. The treatment is simple: reduce the daily diet and remove excess feed.

aquarium fish diseases


The causative agent of this disease is a parasite that infects muscle tissue and begins to multiply there. Symptoms include changes in skin color and loss of appetite. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure, so it will not be possible to cure already sick fish. It is necessary to disinfect the aquarium and equipment thoroughly.


Fish poisoning is a fairly common illness. The causes of the disease are numerous, from low-quality food to dyes contained in decorative equipment. When poisoned, the fish begins to suffocate and may lose coordination of movements. To treat this, it is necessary to transplant the fish into another container and completely change the water in the aquarium.

fish diseases treatment

Anoxia lack of oxygen

Oxygen-starved fish often rise to the surface of the water and swallow air. The reason may be overcrowding and contamination of the aquarium. In this case, additional aeration and replacement of part of the water are necessary.

There are many fish diseases, so preventing them is better than treating them later.

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