Exotic pets in the house: mammals, birds, reptiles and insects

Most people have a pet, whether a cat, dog, fish, small rodent, or parrot. We are naturally inclined to have animals and give them love and care. But what drives people who have an exotic pets in the house?

Perhaps it is a way to stand out among acquaintances, or the animal accidentally got into the apartment. Or maybe the person lived for some time in places where these animals are a matter of course and, having come to his homeland, decided to make up for the “missing.”

Whatever it is, exotic pets are frequent guests in our neighborhoods. In this article, we will consider the most common species, which can create all the conditions for a comfortable stay in a city apartment or house, and representatives that should not be bred in captivity.

Exotic amphibian axolotl

Many people looking at this thoughtfully smiling creature think this cute little dragon is an aquatic lizard or tadpole. It is the neotenia larva of a Mexican salamander called Ambystoma ambystoma.

Exotic pets in the house
The Ambystoma larva is an incredible aquarium inhabitant

The transformation of the axolotl into an ambystoma occurs with habitat changes, but it is not recommended to do this in the home, as you can ruin the animal.

Превращение аксолотля в амбистому
Here’s an axolotl ready to become a salamander

Keeping an axolotl, on the one hand, is simple, but on the other hand, it will require some effort. The fact is that this is a cold-water neotenia, and in the aquarium, you need to maintain a temperature of 14-20 °C. Further increase will lead to stress of the animal and fungal diseases. Its beautiful gills will thin, the offshoots will decrease, and the axolotl will look more like a shabby deer. In addition, the larvae do not like bright light.

The aquarium volume for axolotls should be 50 liters per individual. The more dragonets in one volume, the more likely conflicts will arise.

Аксолотль в аквариуме
Aquarium longevity – axolotl

In captivity, the axolotl lives, on average, up to 10 years and grows up to 15 cm long. Of course, there are deviations from this rule. In some cases, dragons grew to 30 cm and pleased their owners for 20 years.

Video: axolotl

Exotic giant achatina snail.

The giant Achatina gigantea is the largest snail in the world. Its homeland is Africa, and it generally lives in countries with tropical climates. Although the snail is recognized as a malicious pest in its native land, we willingly have it in our apartments.

Экзотическая улитка ахатина гигантская
The size of achatins is impressive.

Keeping achatins will not bring problems. For them, equip a covered terrarium with soil, shelters, and a “pool,” and place it away from direct sunlight and vibrations. Feed almost any fruits and vegetables, and regularly give large quantities of eggshells or chalk (to build the shell).

Улитки ахатины

What again owners need to remember:

  • These are hermaphrodite clams, so check the substrate regularly for eggs unless breeding is in your plans.
  • Grab the snail in your hands under the sole, not by the shell, and never pull it away from surfaces.
  • Give your snails a warm shower regularly, and they will glow happily.
  • Achatina can be safely left home for a few weeks, and nothing terrible will happen. If acceptable conditions change, the gastropod will hibernate, which can be removed with the same warm shower.
  • Achatins have a memory. They memorize their habitat, and who knows – they may even be able to distinguish their host.
Улитка ахатина гигантская
An absolute giant!

The shell of achatins grows up to 25 cm in length (specimens are even more remarkable), and snails live up to 6-10 years.

Video: achatina snail

Exotic animal Bengal cat

Mini leopard in the house – it is certainly cool. And in principle, keeping a Bengal cat is no different from caring for any other purr-fect cat.

Экзотическое животное бенгальская кошка
A Bengal cat is a jewel in the house

This cat breed is attached to its owner and literally follows him around. And this cat is also very active, especially as a kitten. So all the curtains, tablecloths and papers are hers.

Бенгальский котенок играет
Movement for a Bengal is its natural state of being

To keep your Bengal busy, you may want to consider getting two kittens. They will pay attention to each other and you will have less trouble.

Бенгальская кошка с котенком

Of course, this is not a cheap cat, but how status leopard looks in the house! All over the cat’s body are evenly spaced spots resembling the leopard’s coloring.

Бенгальский кот
A Bengal cat in all its glory

Bengals have several colors and three patterns – rosette, spotted and marbled.

Primary Colors:

  • Bengal cat brown

Бенгальская кошка brown

  • Silver Bengal cat

Серебристый бенгал

  • Snowy Bengal cat

Снежный бенгал

  • Blue Bengal cat

Голубой бенгал

  • Coal Bengal cat

Угольный бенгал

Each of the colors is divided into several more, and the rarest, and therefore most expensive, will be the blue color.

Мраморная бенгальская кошка
Marble color Bengal – a worthy alternative to the “rosette” or “spot”

Video: Bengals

The exotic mantis insect

Well, as exotic as exotic… In the south no one can be surprised by a praying mantis. And due to global warming, these insects are migrating northward.

Поза богомола
A mantis in a pose

No one is indifferent to the praying mantis. Some are afraid of it – especially when the insect characteristically swings on its legs or is in flight – while others admire its gracefulness. And they are happy to have a praying mantis as a pet.

Grozny’s a cutie

In nature, there are quite a large number of species of mantises. Some of them disguise themselves as leaves, some of them disguise themselves as twigs, some of them pretend to be the core of an orchid, and some of them look like moss.

Deroplatys desiccata
The mantis of wilted leaves

But most often they are small insects, and therefore breed usually large representatives.

Idolomantis diabolica
The bloody flower mantis is a beauty to behold.

Mantis is better to buy either very young or still in the larval stage, because these insects live about a year.

Choeradodis rhombicollis
And this shield mantis is pretending to be a leaf.

Keeping a praying mantis is not particularly problematic. It needs a kind of terrarium with a lid. And it should be higher in height than in length. It needs good ventilation, humidity and live plants among which it can hide.

Hymenopus coronatus
This handsome orchid mantis.

Food for the mantis is anything that flies and crawls in summer and is 3-4 times smaller than the insect itself. As a last resort, you can buy crickets in a pet store.

Pogonogaster tristani
Mantis moth

And yes, it is worth considering that mantises show cannibalism, and after/in the process of mating the female can tear off the male’s head. And the reason for this is not bloodthirstiness, but the need for protein, which is needed to nurture the offspring. That’s the kind of love…

The exotic animal genetta

A genetta is not a cat. It is an animal in the wyvern family, to which animals such as civets, mongooses, and meerkats belong. But just like a cat, the genette has claws that retract into pads. And just like felines, the genetta makes sounds similar to purring.

Экзотическое животное генетта
Genetta looks like a cat and a raccoon.

The genetta is quite beautiful and agile. It is a very clean animal that has no odor. It is also very easy to tame and train him to the litter box. Genetta is quite sociable and allows itself to be stroked and even combed. This is probably why the genetta is a pet.

Genette is feline beautiful.

And while in the wild this wyvern lives to about 10 years, in an apartment it will threaten the owner to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Животное генетта
A wild animal, but a tame one.

Feeding a genetta will not cause any problems either. The animal eats everything that a house cat eats, and on top of that it eats fruit as well. Sometimes you can donate a live mouse to the genette. It should be remembered that, unlike a cat, it is a wild animal with stronger instincts.

Генетта в доме
Genette is resting in a hammock

One problem – genetta is not easy to acquire, and the cost can bite.

Video: genette

Exotic Hyacinth Ara bird

Actually, the hyacinth ara is already extinct in nature. This is due to its extremely beautiful appearance and impressive size. It is one of the most expensive pets.

Экзотическая птица гиацинтовый ара
The hyacinth ara is the king among parrots

The character of the hyacinth ara does not compare in any way with its closest relatives. It is a rather calm bird, which like a dog becomes attached to the owner, and sometimes only to one.

Гиацинтовый ара
The hyacinth ara is the most expensive parrot of all

The interaction of the Ara with humans is amazing. When you communicate with a feathered bird for a long time, you begin to understand what exactly the hyacinth ara wants to “say”. By the way, they can also talk, but their vocabulary is very limited.

Попугай гиацинтовый ара
A bright and juicy bird!

The parrot’s development is about the level of a three-year-old child. It requires a lot of care and attention. And all this kindergarten will continue for 50-60 years. Therefore, it is a pet for life!

Ара гиацинтовые
Hyacinth Ara in flight

Keeping a Hyacinth Ara requires large spaces. Not only does it need a large cage, but it needs to be let out regularly. The cage should have thick bars. The Ara can easily bite through 2 mm thick wire.

Ара гиацинтовый и человек
The hyacinth ara becomes attached to its host

Feeding parrots of the Ara family is reduced to cereals, vegetables and fruits and adding a small amount of animal food to the diet: cottage cheese, sour milk, eggs,

Размеры гиацинтового ара
That’s quite a bird!

The hyacinth ara is a very beautiful and expensive parrot that will require both a financial and time commitment.

Video: hyacinth ara

An exotic tarsier animal

The dolgopiat is a visitor from Indonesia. It is a nocturnal animal that resembles both a lemur and a monkey. An adult representative can easily fit in the palm of a person’s hand.

Экзотическое животное долгопят
Longbeard is a sweet creature

The longhorn has a very funny facial expression. Perhaps this is what attracts breeders: who wouldn’t like such a peculiar animal?

Зверек долгопят
Longhorns live in dense vegetation

As already mentioned, the tarsier is active at night, and it constantly hides in dense vegetation, mainly from owls.

They hide from predators in the foliage.

And if you want to get a tarsiers, you will soon learn that this species is internationally illegal to catch and sell. And even if such an opportunity presents itself, think carefully. This is a completely wild animal, not adapted to living in captivity.

Экзотический долгопят
The longhair is not adapted to apartment life.

Maybe we shouldn’t torture the adorable longhorn by keeping it in an apartment?

Video: tarsiers

Exotic animal hedgehog

The hedgehog is familiar to all of us. It is the hero of fairy tales and cartoons that we used to watch/read with pleasure in our childhood. Like its previous counterpart, the hedgehog is a wild animal that can be tamed very little. But still it is able to memorize its owner’s smell and distinguish this person among others.

Экзотическое животное ежик
A hedgehog so familiar to us

You can buy a hedgehog in a pet store, and it is likely to be an African ornamental species that has been specially bred for home keeping. If you release such an animal into the wild, it will not survive.

Африканский еж
Аfrickin’ hedgehog

Hedgehogs have several types of colors of both fur and needles. The size is small and an adult hedgehog fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Декоративный еж
Decorative hedgehogs are quite miniaturized

Keeping a hedgehog in the house can be quite a hassle. First of all, it is a nocturnal animal. And, as you know, they do not walk in soft slippers. Stomping and “clattering” are common sounds that accompany hedgehog owners every night.

And this little creature stomps like an elephant!

A hedgehog needs a cage with a substrate and a wheel in which it can burn off its energy. And the wheel is not like for rats or hamsters, but with a monolithic rim. In the mesh hedgehog can seriously injure his paws. Provide the hedgehog with a house in which it can sleep like in a burrow.

Африканский еж
Nothing out of the ordinary: a domesticated African hedgehog

How do you feed a hedgehog? Not apples and milk, but brutal food: worms, cockroaches and meat. Hedgehogs are carnivores, although they will not refuse fruits and vegetables, with a preference for the latter. Premium cat food will also do, but it should not prevail.

Video: African hedgehog

An exotic raccoon animal

Keeping a raccoon as a pet in the house is trendy, and that’s a fact. But it is worth considering that this is a rather peculiar animal. Not only that he likes to splash in the water and be active at night, – it is impossible to make him do something against his will. And by punishing the animal, instead of a good-natured pet, you will get an angry predator, which also weighs a lot.

Экзотическое животное енот
Baby raccoon

Keeping a raccoon will require a lot of time and space. The animal needs a large cage or even a room, a house in this room, and all sorts of devices for entertainment: basins with water, playground. And do not allow the pet to what you care about and what can be chewed. And in general, you will have chaos in the house).

Животное енот
I’ve already done something wrong somewhere.)

Raccoons are very much into socializing. You’d have to spend at least four hours a day with your ponytail. And that’s for about 15 years. If you can’t devote that much of your attention, it’s better to get another animal.

The raccoon is a demanding pet

There should be no problems with feeding a raccoon. They are omnivorous animals, although not without their own preferences. They eat everything from vegetables-fruits to meat-fish-cat food.

Video: raccoon

Exotic reptile snake.

The snake is a very attractive animal to keep at home. There is no noise from it, there is no sound from it. Maybe in some situations it would be necessary, but if you take into account all the nuances, then with proper maintenance snakes will not cause any trouble.

Экзотическое пресмыкающееся змея
A snake is a problem-free pet

Which snake should I choose? There are many options, but first you need to study the legislation of the area in which you live. In some cases, there may be prohibitions on keeping certain species.

Пресмыкающееся змея
Snakes have so many species, but not all of them are suitable for home keeping

It is advisable to choose relatively “trouble-free” species. For example, it is a maize snake, boa constrictor or a common snake. Keeping a snake in the house implies “sealing” everything that is possible. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom, because the reptile can safely go on a trip through the sewer.

Опасная змея
That snake’s gonna be a problem.

Where should a snake live? Of course, a large terrarium with greenery, stones and a pool looks beautiful in the apartment. But in fact, and an ordinary plastic box with ventilation will be enough. Here it is a matter of your taste only.

Маисовый полоз
But a maize stripe won’t do anything bad.

Everyone knows that snakes eat live rodents and frogs. And this is far from the most pleasant sight. If you do not have a stable nervous system, then you can buy mice frozen. Usually snakes do not refuse them, you just need to take the food with tweezers and move it in front of the muzzle of the reptile. And you need to feed the snake a maximum of once a week. That’s where the beauty is!

Video: the maize striped gopher snake

The exotic reptile iguana

Continuing the theme of amphibians, let’s also focus on the iguana. Recently, it can be seen more and more often as a pet. And it is not surprising, because the iguana is a beautiful animal, something reminiscent of a dragon. And who doesn’t want to tame a dragon?

Экзотическая рептилия игуана
The iguana has an appealing “prehistoric” beauty

To be honest, a snake is easier to keep than an iguana. A dragon needs a terrarium with a certain temperature, humidity and landscape. And the height of the house should be greater than the length.

Рептилия игуана
A tropical beauty that can be kept in an apartment as well

Calcium for the iguana is crucial. The only problem is that it is digested when paired with sunlight. The reptile needs sunbathing like air, otherwise it will turn into something incomprehensible and stunted, and may even die.

An iguana in a terrarium

Feeding an iguana is a conundrum. It is a plant-eating animal, and its menu should include both vegetables and fruits. But this does not mean that you can feed the lizard with cabbage and apples alone. The diet should consist of at least 10 products, so that in case of absence of any elements in one, they are replaced by the presence of nutrients in the other.

Кормление игуаны
Feed for iguanas – a variety of fruits and vegetables

It is also very important to have water in the terrarium. And not just a drinker, but a real pool, where the reptile could take water procedures, regulating its temperature. It is clear that the size of the pool depends on the size of the tenant?

Ящерица игуана
Iguanische… Despite their dragon-like appearance, they are very gentle creatures

Ð¥The character of the iguana depends on it feeling safe and secure. Therefore, it should not be subjected to stress.

The exotic animal crocodile caiman.

The crocodile caiman is a reptile of the alligator family. And it grows in length not more than one and a half meters. That is why the animal has joined the ranks of exotic pets that can be kept in an apartment. Sometimes owners even put the animal in a small terrarium, so that the caiman did not grow to its natural size. Whether it is worth it is a rhetorical question.

Экзотическое животное крокодиловый кайман
Because of their small size, caimans are kept in apartments

In the house, the caiman should live in an aqua terrarium with shorelines with a total volume of 1000 liters or more. Plus the depth of the pool – about half a meter. Agree, this is an impressive area for our apartments. Nevertheless, if you have all the conditions, what can prevent you?

Маленький крокодиловый кайман
Look at that little caiman!

As with any reptile, the crocodile needs to create uneven heating of the dwelling so that it can either heat up or cool down at any time. And do not forget about the ultraviolet lamp (as well as for iguanas). In winter, artificially irradiate the caiman, and in summer, take it out into the sun. This is vital for the animal.

Животное крокодиловый кайман
Caymans are great pets for people who can create an environment for them

The frequency of feeding depends on the age of the crocodile and the ambient temperature. In hot weather they eat often, and in cool weather they may refuse to eat at all. And the younger the crocodile, the more often he rumbles in his stomach. Food are mice, frogs, fish, insects, chickens, mollusks or pieces of meat offered on long tweezers. Long because the caiman must not see your hand, otherwise it will be associated with food. Do you want that?

Крокодиловый кайман в террариуме
Ultraviolet irradiation is a must for every reptile

The life expectancy of a crocodile caiman is about the same as a human. Some owners, unable to bear the hardships of a crocodile, surrender the animals to pet stores, restaurants or zoos. Think carefully before getting this beautiful and unusual animal.

Video: crocodile caiman.

Exotic animal dwarf Cameroon goat

Not quite a goat and dwarfed as for an apartment. In length goats reach 70 cm, and in height at the withers – up to 50. Therefore, if you want to breed, it should be in a private house, where you can create all the conditions for animals.

Экзотическое животное карликовая камерунская коза
Cameroon goats are not animals for apartments!

I used the word “animal” in the plural for a reason. Goats are social animals, but they will not be happy with the presence of humans. They need their own herd, within which they can socialize and go wild for all sorts of reasons.

Камерунские козочки
Dwarf Cameroonian goats need to live in a herd

They are very affectionate, friendly and intelligent animals. They can be trained and even taught to do their natural needs in one place. And like any goat, the Cameroon Dwarf is the embodiment of chaos. If it can eat something, it will eat it, if it can get in somewhere, it will get in.

Кмерунский козленок
Dwarf Cameroonian goat.

They have very tasty milk without specific taste and odor! Each goat can give 1-2 liters of milk per day, which does not sour for several days without refrigeration. Probably, it would be quite a profitable business. But if you imagine yourself in eternal pursuit of this mobile minnows, it would be better to have a cow…..

Video: dwarf Cameroon goat

Exotic animal ring-tailed (cat) lemur

Perhaps we owe the popularity of cat lemurs in our country to the cartoon “Madagascar”. In fact, it was from there that this cute animal came to us.

Экзотическое животное кольцехвостый (кошачий) лемур
Greetings from Madagascar!

It is a beautiful and unusual representative of the family the size of a small dog. The main thing in its appearance is a tail with cross stripes and bright large eyes. There are known cases when in captivity a cat lemur lived for 37 years!

Животное кошачий лемур
It’s the tail that counts!

It is a nocturnal animal that is panic-stricken by bright light. Therefore, it is necessary to feed the lemur at dusk. It eats everything: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, porridge, eggs, cottage cheese, honey, nuts, cockroaches, mice, crickets.

Кошачий лемур
Beautiful beast!

Keeping a cat lemur requires a spacious terrarium or cage. This very cute, calm animal is not able to get accustomed to the litter box, so daily (or even several times a day) cleaning should become your credo.

Video: cat lemur

An exotic fox animal

For us, the fox is quite a familiar animal, which makes friends with crows and bears. But keeping a fox in an apartment is already exotic. And do not think that you can bring a cub from the forest and everything will be fine. Wild animals  practically do not tame.

Экзотическое животное лисица
Red fox

There are quite a lot of species of foxes. But in our country as a pet is popular either red, or blackburka, or fennec. If you are a fan of this animal – buy it from proven breeders from parents domesticated in several generations. And remember that the character of the fox is not like a dog, but rather like a cat.

Животное лиса
The fox is a beautiful and cunning creature

And it’s a rather restless animal. It lives in burrows. And the burrow has to be dug out. Imagine what it would be like in an apartment. That’s why foxes should be kept in the private sector in a separate building with a walk.

Рыжая и черно-бурая лисицы
Blackburn and ginger make a cute couple.

It is possible and necessary to walk with a fox of large species, and do it as late as possible, because Patrykeevna is a nocturnal predator. It is undesirable to allow acquaintance with dogs, as unforeseen situations may arise.

Лиса в ошейнике
A fox’s walk is like a breath of freedom.

Feeding a fox is similar to a dog’s diet, so decide whether your charge will have a natural or manufactured diet.

Video: domestic fox

Exotic insect Madagascar hissing cockroach

The word “cockroach” itself does not sound very cozy. But to each his own: there are lovers of these insects, not simple, but Madagascar insects with hissing hisses.

Экзотическое насекомое мадагаскарский шипящий таракан
The Madagascar hissing cockroach can even be called beautiful”¦

This is a fairly large insect, up to 8 cm in length. There are several subspecies, and in our country you can buy a cockroach in many pet stores.

Насекомое мадагаскарский шипящий таракан
Comparative sizes: palm and cockroach.

A special insectarium with plants, soil and shelters is set up for them. The configuration of the dwelling should prevent escape.

Мадагаскарские шипящие тараканы

Oddly enough, Madagascar cockroaches have their advantages. They do not fly and do not emit unpleasant odors. They are easy to breed (they can be sold to breeders of other animals as food). The insect emits a characteristic hissing, similar to that of a snake. This is the cockroach’s way of voicing stressful situations.

Мадагаскарские шипящие тараканы в инсектарии террариуме
Sizzling cockroaches in the terrarium

And, as you yourself understand, feeding Madagascars will not be difficult: they eat everything the same as our “redheads”.

Video: Madagascar hissing cockroach

Exotic pet mini-pig

These cute dwarf pigs have long won our sympathy. And they are really miniature: length up to 35 cm and weight up to 12 kg.

Экзотическое животное мини-пиг
The mini pigeon is a very popular pet

The Mini Pigeon is an extremely intelligent animal that is easy to train and toilet train, and is friendly with other pets.

Домашнее животное мини-пиг

The content of the minipig is very simple. The only thing is that for a pig you need to equip something like an aviary, because in the absence of the owner, the animal is able to make a mess in the house. Remember that the pig is the fifth most intelligent animal in the animal kingdom, which means that the pig will stick its inquisitive pentacle wherever it goes.

Декоративные свинки
A couple of cute little pigs

Feeding a mini pigeon is also easy. After all, it is a relative of the pigs we keep on the farm. Vegetables, fruits, porridge, dairy products – in general, everything that people eat. Just do not give your pet harmful products: fast food, salty, smoked.

Лини-пиг на выгуле
A mini-pig on the paddock

A mini-pig can be walked and it looks quite cute. It is better not to take walks during the cold season, otherwise the animal may catch a cold.

Video: mini-pig

Exotic animal monkey

If you want to get one of the monkey species, you should be prepared for all sorts of surprises.

Экзотическое животное обезьяна

It is necessary to breed only small representatives, because in nature monkeys live in packs. In which there is a leader and a clear hierarchy is observed. This means that your pet in any case will want to become the “leader”, which can bring a lot of problems.

Домашняя обезьянка
Who’s the boss of the house, shall we argue?

There are no barriers for a monkey in the house. If it is possible to reach or jump somewhere, to steal or chew something, it will do it.

Маленькая обезьянка
Little monkey, little problems

Keeping a monkey in the apartment assumes the presence of a cage. Of course, the pet should be let out for a walk, but for the peace of mind of the owner, the animal should have its own house. The animal can be accustomed to a leash, and then on the walk you will be provided with maximum attention.

Обезьянка игрунка
Igrynka is excellent for keeping in an apartment

As we know, monkeys are vegetarians. However, they will not refuse insects and cooked meat. The diet of the animal should be varied, you can use special food from a pet store.

Карликовая игрунка
A little demon

Raising a monkey is like having a small child for about 40 years. Depending on the species, of course. Therefore, when deciding on such a responsible step, weigh all the pros and cons.

Exotic stick insect

It is a twig insect from the order of ghosts. And this name is very apt: the stick insect is sedentary and sometimes spends its entire short life (up to 1.5 years) on one plant without changing its place of dislocation.

Экзотическое насекомое палочник
Fans of exotic insects will appreciate the stick insect

There are quite a few species of sticklebacks. Some look like knots, some like bark, some like moss, some like leaves or grass. In general, the animal has learned to perfectly camouflage itself to its habitat, fleeing from predators.

Насекомое палочник
It really is a “wand.”

Keeping a stickleback is easy. It needs a covered terrarium with heating, soil, and, depending on the species, snags or plants. For the insect to reproduce, the substrate layer should be at least 5 cm, as it is in the soil that the female lays her eggs.

Красивое насекомое палочник
He’s so handsome!

What do you feed a stickleback? Leaves of fruit trees and shrubs. You can just throw leaves into the terrarium, or you can stick a twig into the substrate. This is in the summer. In winter, the greenery is either dried or frozen. But all this is not the same, and the best option is to grow your own food right on the windowsill: strawberries, raspberries.

Sticklebacks are masters of disguise

For any organism, water is the basis of life. But it is not necessary to put a drinker for the stick insect. The insect gets water from the leaves, and in addition you need to spray the walls of the terrarium from a sprayer once every two or three days. That’s all the science.

Video: wand wanderer

The exotic animal degus is a sand squirrel

When you look at a degu, but you can’t tell whether it’s a gerbil or a squirrel with a shabby tail. The sand squirrel is the biggest intellectual among its kind.

Экзотическое животное дегу ”” песчаная белка
Degu is an intelligent squirrel.

This South American rodent has a diurnal lifestyle, predominantly in the morning. And like any animal that is hunted by predators every second in nature, the Degu is cautious. This means that squirrels should not be taken from above – that’s how attacks happen, and the owner can be bitten quite badly. And it means that if there are children in the house, they need to explain the peculiarities of rodent behavior.

Белка дегу

The content of the sand squirrel is reduced to the acquisition of a cage with metal bars that cannot be chewed. The dwelling should be spacious enough, equipped with tiers and all sorts of devices so that the animal was not bored.

Животное дегу - песчаная белка

Of course, you can let your Degu out for a walk. And when you reach full understanding, you can lure the animal into the cage with a single hand gesture. Well, and on freedom you will observe the wonders of teleportation: sand squirrels move lightning fast from one point to another. And of course, you need to make sure that the squirrel doesn’t chew anything, and wires are deadly for it.

Дегу ”” песчаная белка
Sand squirrels are quite timid

Degu are fed the same as ordinary rodents: hay, grain mixtures, leaves and branches of trees and bushes, carrots, apples, small amounts of seeds and nuts.

Песчаная белка
Degas are always happy to be entertained

In proper conditions, the squirrel will please the owner for 5 years.

Video: degu

Exotic piranha fish

I think everyone has watched horror movies in which a person or animal was eaten alive by bloodthirsty piranhas. And with the development of aquaristics, it is quite natural that these unusual fish got into our homes.

The piranha’s calling card is shark teeth.

Piranha is a rather large fish, and it should be kept in packs. Therefore, the aqua should be appropriate – from 300 liters.

Рыбки пираньи
The gang’s on the move

Piranhas can be both carnivorous and herbivorous. And with the first need to be on guard: any manipulation in the aquarium to carry out with caution. Not that the fish instantly nibble your hand to the bone, but it is a very restless inhabitants, and the slightest stress can lead to inadequate actions.

Пиранья в авквариуме
And this paku is a light version of a herbivorous piranha.

Piranha predators are fed fish, shrimp, finely chopped beef or cichlofish food. In most cases, the fish will refuse dry food. Herbivorous species, such as pacu, will not refuse fruits and plants.

Стая пираний
Despite all the “nuances”, the piranha is a beautiful and prestigious fish

Aquarium with piranhas – a thing of quite status and serves as a real decoration of any home.

Video: piranhas

An exotic tarantula

The breeders of tarantulas claim that they are ideal pets. And they are partly right: if the spider is kept in a terrarium, there will be no problems.

Экзотический паук птицеед
A tarantula is a handy pet.

Picking up a tarantula is not difficult: there are several hundred species and colors in nature, but one of the most common pets is Brachypelma smithi.

Brachypelma smithi
Brachypelma is a fitting name.

Do not believe movies in which people die in terrible agony from a tarantula bite. Yes, the bite is not safe for humans (especially if you are bitten by a tarantula), but it is far from fatal. In most cases, swelling will form around the wound, temperature will rise – all the signs of intoxication. That’s all there is to it.

Роесilothеriа mеtаlliса
And this fellow here could be a danger

To avoid trouble, pick up a spider only when you have a good understanding of its behavior. And then be extremely careful: if the fang does not like something, it will either run away, or bite, or shake off the abdomen hairs, the effect of which is comparable to the inhalation of construction mineral wool. And especially aggressive species are better left alone.

Тигровый птицеед
In any case, a spider is not a toy

Feeding tarantulas includes giving out crickets, zoophobus and cockroaches. Small vertebrates will also be to the taste of large species. During the molting period it is necessary not to allow the spider to feed, which can damage tarantula, because, dropping the “skin”, the animal from a formidable predator turns into a helpless creature.

Линька птицееда
Anyone can hurt a tarantula at molting time.

If you do let the spider out for a walk, you need to make sure it doesn’t fall from a great height, or be accidentally crushed or crammed into a corner from which it can’t be removed.

Фиолетовый птицеед
The purple tarantula is a ladies’ version.

Interestingly, male tarantulas live much shorter lives than females: from six to four years, depending on the species. Whereas the life expectancy of a female can be 7-20 years. That’s where the real feminism is!

Video: tarantula

The exotic animal sugar marsupial bat or sugar opossum

The Sugar Possum is a marsupial squirrel that fits in the palm of your hand. It lives in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. The animal is distinguished by a very beautiful coloring: dark stripes on a gray-blue background. Large ears and eyes indicate its nocturnal lifestyle.

Экзотическое животное сахарная сумчатая летяга или сахарный опоссум
The Sugar Flycatcher is a terrifyingly cute animal

If it’s a flying frog, it has to fly, right? And the possum does it perfectly, flying up to 50 meters. And it does some truly unimaginable somersaults.

Животное сахарная сумчатая летяга
In flight, the sugar opossum feels very confident.

The content of the marsupial bat is under the power of only patient people who are ready to put up with his lifestyle: at night, the squirrel is awake, and while in the cage, makes various sounds, rattling everything that meets in its path.

Сахарный опоссум
He’s unreal cute!

And it is not a very clean animal, but the coat is carefully taken care of. Pardon me, they urinate in flight. Males also mark their territory with the help of odorous glands, and the odor is almost impossible to remove. A tempting prospect for any apartment.


Why do they call it a sugar bat? Yes, because it is a real sweet tooth. Of course, it is unlikely to be fed with raffinade, but sweet fruits and honey will be very useful. In addition, the squirrel will not refuse insects and boiled unsalted meat.

Сахарная летяга кушает
The sugar possum is an omnivorous animal.

If you are not frightened by the difficulties associated with the peculiarities of behavior and lifestyle of the animal, sugar squirrel will be a wonderful friend for 10-12 years.

Video: sugar flycatcher

Exotic serval cat

The Serval, unlike the savannah, is a cat originally wild, but has been considered domesticated since the early 20th century. The first mention of Servals is found in the records of ancient Egypt.

Экзотическая кошка сервал
The Serval is beauty and grace

The cat’s build is light, with a length of up to a meter (without tail), its weight is only 8-18 kg. More than half of the attacks of this cat in the wild are successful, all because it has the longest paws in relation to its body among felines. Since the serval feeds on small animals, its huge ears help it to hear the slightest rustle in the grass.

Кошка сервал
The serval looks something like a cheetah

Servals adapt very easily to life in the house, getting along with dogs even more than with their relatives. But in one habitat there will be no room for all sorts of potential prey: birds and rodents. Very soon they will turn into real food. Also, the serval should not be started if there are small children in the house. They do not yet know how to handle animals and the consequences can be very unpleasant. The kitten should be taken at the age of up to 3 months and necessarily socialized. You can imagine what an enraged wild cat is like”¦

Сервал шипит
An angry serval can be dangerous

Feeding the serval consists of meat: poultry, rabbit meat, beef. One adult cat needs about a kilogram per day.

Сервал на прогулке
With a serval for a walk – the envy of the neighborhood!

This cat cannot be called cheap, but it will please you up to 20 years – what is not a long-term investment in an exotic four-legged cat?

Video: serval

An exotic chameleon lizard.

If you want exotics but don’t have time for a pet, get a chameleon. This unhurried lizard does not require special attention. Well, as it does not require – only after you create all the conditions for it.

Экзотическая ящерица хамелеон
The chameleon is one of the most interesting of reptiles

Chameleons are both small, about 5-6 cm, and large – up to 30. But regardless of the species of one reptile needs to equip a vertical terrarium of at least 200 liters. Two – multiply by one and a half, and even not two.

Ящерица хамелеон
All life is philosophy

And of course, inside the dwelling you need to arrange a tropical forest, so that the chameleon feels at home. As for any lizard, it is important that in the terrarium was uneven heating, because the chameleon may want to both warm up and cool down. Plus, like the iguana, it needs ultraviolet light for normal skeletal and skin formation.


You can forget about the drinker, as it will be ignored. But it is necessary to drink, and in nature a chameleon licks dew from leaves. I hope, the hint is clear (it, as well as a wand worm, needs to spray the terrarium).

Пантеровый хамелеон
The panther chameleon is a riot of color!

Feeding a chameleon is like feeding a lightning-fast predator. No matter how clumsy the animal is, it reacts to its prey with superluminal speed.

Ковровый хамелеон
The carpet chameleon looks like a jeweled brooch

Our friend eats insects: crickets, cockroaches, flies, dragonflies, worms. Sometimes you can offer fruit. God forbid you to feed your chameleon a pet cockroach: it can be a carrier of infections. And in general, it is better to buy insects in a store, since what flies in the air and crawls around us is not exactly ecological food.

Четырехрогий хамелеон

A chameleon can be tamed. An animal that trusts its owner will sit quietly on his hand or slowly crawl on it.


In general, these are funny animals. They can rotate their eyes independently, and of course, change color. Why does a chameleon change color? Scientists consider two options: for camouflage and for communication with relatives. There is no clear answer.

Йеменский хамелеон

The lifespan of these reptiles depends on their species and can range from 2 to 10 years.

Video: chameleon

Exotic animal turtle

And we finish our selection with a turtle. This is not a demanding animal at all. The turtle can be both land and waterfowl.

Экзотическое животное черепаха
A turtle is a great pet for kids

The turtle has a reliable natural armor – a shell. That’s why they are not so scary for small children. You just need to make sure that the kid does not accidentally unscrew the limb that looks out. And, no matter how trivial it is – the turtle will not run far away, and therefore, letting it go for a walk, you can easily control its movement.


What do you feed your turtle? This amphibian likes a variety of food, from greens and vegetables to small insects and slugs.

Черепашка на ладони

Turtles are known to live a long time, but it depends on the species. On average, the fork is as follows: 20-100 years.

Сухопутная черепашка
What a beautiful shell!

Is it possible to train a turtle? At most, you can train the animal not to be afraid of you. Avoid sudden sounds, vibrations and sudden increases in light and your brooding Tortilla will be happy.

Video: turtle

Чwell, that’s the end of our mega-review! Which animal do you favor more?

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