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Pets: Why We Love Them and Much More at Our Pet Website

It is unknown when humans first had pets, but it is safe to say that people have always given their pets comfort, care, and security in exchange for either material goods or a “soul.” Pets’ history dates back to when humans ran around in skins and painted on rocks.

Cave paintings

We can take the most common example – the dog. It appeared thousands of years ago as a human partner, gradually evolving from the wolf. In exchange for food and shelter, the dog helped people: hunting with them, protecting them, and transporting goods.

Man and dog have been together since ancient times

Or, for example, the horse is not only a meat and arable creature: horse and man have always been together, roaming from place to place, in the field, or in battle.

Horses are also man’s faithful companions.

But the cat is the only pet that does not depend on humans in any way (Persians don’t count). Living beside him and suddenly finding itself on the street, it can hunt and survive. But we still love them, even though sometimes cats do not care about anything.

Proud and a bit aloof are cats

The topic of the least of our brothers is generally fascinating, and you probably also have “my animal” if you came to this page. Pet7 is a site about pets that offers a wide range of materials about various animals, from species descriptions to how to feed and treat favorites. Interesting facts about this or that pet will also amuse and inspire you.

What pets are there – a wealth of species

How many species of pets are there? It is comparatively few compared to the total mass of mammals, birds, fish, etc.. Far more species of one class or another. And each of us has favorites that either already live with us or we plan to get them.

The most popular pets

In addition to cats and dogs, the 7 Pet Days website offers information about unusual and exotic pets such as axolotls and cockatoos. Fans of cute furry rodents will also find their page, and thorough aquarists will find a lot of helpful information about fish, plants, and snails. Fans of beautiful birds such as parrots will satisfy their information hunger by reading about the breeds and peculiarities of keeping them.

What is the best pet to get?

As you understand, there is no unambiguous answer to this question. Someone can get a German Shepherd, feed and raise it, and for some, a tarantula will be enough.

Pure German

It is important to remember that any animal – like a child – needs care, especially if placed in an unfamiliar environment. After all, we are responsible for those we have tamed.

Man and cat

It’s also common for children to pester their parents for a pet. What kind of pet is suitable for a baby? Because of the ease of care, you can offer your child a rat, chipmunk, or guinea pig.

A little friend for a little child

Naturally, it would help if you realized that some aspects of care will still fall on you. Rodents are pretty specific: They emit the most pleasant odors and destroy everything they can reach with their teeth. Therefore, you must provide a solid, cozy dwelling and supervise their walks. On the one hand, they are unpretentious and small pets, but on the other hand, like all animals, they require attention.

In a word, rodents

When the child is older, you can think about something more global: cats and dogs are comfortable pets everyone loves. After all, you don’t have to buy them but take them from a shelter, giving you an extra plus in your karma.

Rules for keeping a pet in the house

If you live in a private house, you can have a horse – it’s just a question of money and space. For an apartment, a pet should not be constrained in any way. It is sad to see when a multi-story building breeds a greyhound with nowhere to turn around. After all, it is a rather large and very mobile dog.

The Greyhound is not an apartment dog.

No, a pet mustn’t be small – the living conditions must match its personality. A Greyhound will be cramped in an apartment, and its antics will give the owner more headaches. It would help if you chose a companion based on your capabilities.

A beagle would be perfect for apartment living.

The world of popular pets is genuinely diverse. So much so that every person can choose a pet to their liking; we love them because they give us positivity, keep us company, and make us happy to have them in the house.

Pets are lumps of happiness that take our minds off our worries, perhaps even healing us and prolonging our lives! Learn more about your pets at our pet website.