Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Breed

How to choosing a dog breed? Dog breeds are diverse, so you must make the right decision for yourself and your future pet. After all, you will have to live together. This choice can have serious long-term consequences since dogs live for about 14 years.

There are now about 500 different breeds of dogs officially registered and widely distributed. The speed at which new species appear is dizzying. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were less than 100; nowadays, there are already about one and a half thousand dog species.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Breed

Every dog has different needs regarding walks, space, and grooming. Some dogs quickly adapt to urban environments, while others are constantly frustrated by such a life. To avoid mistakes when choosing a breed, it is best to seek the advice of professionals when choosing a future friend.

How important is the breed: what breed of dog is best to choose for the home

Before settling on a particular breed, you must decide what you need the dog for. For example, the Chihuahua – a fashion accessory for socialites, as a rule, behaves restlessly – the dog can be nervous and growl at children. In addition, this breed is prone to injuries, so buying such an animal in a family with small children is unsafe.

породы собак для дома

Breeds such as the Golden Retriever or Labrador are considered ideal good friends. But remember the exceptions: a golden retriever can bite, while a Chihuahua can be the best companion. Even outwardly formidable pit bulls are, in their majority, good and faithful companions. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the dog.

Sometimes, professionals recommend choosing mixed-breed dogs for the home. These dogs often have beautiful temperaments and are usually healthier than purebreds.

Several representatives of the most popular dog breeds with photos and names we have collected for you:

виды собакпороды собак

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