Useful tips on choosing and caring for pet fish

Aquarium Fish - species, caring and feeding

Fish are a relatively common type of pet. People favor aquarium inhabitants because of their beauty, calming effect, and ease of maintenance.

People who have ever kept aquarium fish at home know they have many benefits. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, people can get more income from fish by growing them for sale. It should be noted that pet fish are rarely allergic; if this happens, it is the fault of dry food.

If you compare, for example, a dog and a pet fish, the difference is clear: fish do not need to be walked, they need to be cleaned much less often, and they will not break anything in the house. Another advantage of a fish tank is that it adds a unique beauty and style to the room.

Consequently, there are indeed many reasons to buy aquarium fish. Still, before you go to the store for them, we advise you to read our articles about pet fish on the topics: what are the different types of fish, what you need to buy before you put the fish in the aquarium, what to feed them, which aquarium is better to buy, which fish are easy to care for and which are challenging, etc.

Exciting information about fish, the most popular species

We have gathered the most common species of pet fish for you. Fish are both peaceful and predatory.
Peaceful fish:

    ”¢ The swordfish is one of the most popular aquarium fish. In the wild, it lives in the waters of Mexico. This fish is viviparous. A distinctive feature is that males have a sword-like outgrowth. Eat algae and snails. Keep at a temperature of 25 °C C, and pH should be at 7 – 8.

Домашний аквариум: меченосец

    ”¢ The goldfish is also a prevalent fish from the Carp family. It lives in the waters of Korea, China, and Japan. This fish gets along with other aquarium fish, but only with calm ones. A unique feature of this fish is that it constantly digs. This should be taken into account when choosing a ground in the aquarium. It feeds on any food. Keep at a water temperature of – 20 °C C; pH 6 – 8.

Домашний аквариум: золотая рыбка

    ”¢ Sumatran barb. Inhabits the waters of Sumatra, Thailand, and Indonesia. This fish is gregarious and mobile. Light ground makes their color paler, and dark ground – on the contrary. This species is kept at a water temperature of 21 °C C, pH 6 – 8.
    ”¢ Guppies are the most unpretentious fish. Beginning aquarists start with them. They live in the waters of South America. A large tail and bright color distinguish males. Fish viviparous. Guppies eat everything. They are contained in water temperature – 24 °C C; pH 6.5 – 8.5.

Домашний аквариум: гуппи

    ”¢ The glass catfish is a fish with a transparent body. It lives in Borneo, Indonesia. They are very peaceful but fearful fish. Buying several individuals at once is better, as the fish is gregarious. It is better to keep a temperature of – 24 °C C; pH 6.5 – 7.5.
    ”¢ The roosterfish is a fish that likes to fight. It can be found in Southeast Asia. It should be taken into account that it is better not to keep males together; the reason is their aggressive mood. Feature: this fish can breathe atmospheric air because of a particular labyrinth organ. Contained in water temperature – 27 °C C; pH 6 – 8.

Predatory fish

    ”¢ The tiger perch is a very active fish, distinguished by its beautiful striped coloration. Tiger perch inhabits the waters of Thailand and Cambodia. This fish can live with other species of fish but is also predatory. It feeds on live feed. Keep it at a water temperature of – 27 °C C; pH 7 – 8.5.

Домашний аквариум: тигровый окунь

    ”¢ The Arowana is a fish that lives in South America. The fish is large and jumping, requiring a lid on the aquarium. It is kept at a water temperature of 28 °C C and pH of 6.5 – 7.
    ”¢ The shark catfish is a fish of the shark family. It is found in the waters of Thailand. It is a very agile but fearful fish despite its predatory nature. Keep it in a water temperature of 27 °C C; pH 6.5 – 8.

Домашний аквариум: акулий сом

    ”¢ The golden leopard is a lovely fish and has exciting coloration. Native to Africa. The heads of the males are of blue shade. Male golden leopards can conflict, so you need to disperse the fish at the rate of one male to 2 females. Keep should be at a water temperature of – 25 °C C; pH 7.3 – 8.7.

What else do you need to buy?

The most basic equipment: aquarium, filter, sterilizer, plants, and snails for the aquarium.

    Ӣ Of course, topping the list is the fish tank. Dimensions are usually limited by the size of the room in which it will stand and the desire and wallet of the buyer.

Домашний аквариум:

    Ӣ The arrangement of the fish aquarium is such that it is advisable to use an aquarium filter. The filter removes impurities, uneaten food, and excrement from the water. Filters are mechanical and chemical.

Домашний аквариум:

    Ӣ Ultraviolet sterilizer removes excess algae and eliminates viruses and bacteria.
    Ӣ You will probably want to decorate your aquarium. There is a wide range of aquarium plants available in pet stores.

Домашний аквариум: растения

What food is healthier for aquarium fish?

Very often, beginners ignore the question of feeding fish, and for nothing, because the health and well-being of aquarium pets depend on this issue. Beginner breeders fish feed them dry food, but you need to feed a variety. The food should contain all the valuable substances and minerals. Experienced breeders feed fish according to their species. This list includes both dry food and live food. It is worth bearing in mind that such food can contain parasites. Therefore, experienced breeders often grow live food themselves. However, frozen purified live feed is also sold in stores. Besides, this feed is much more helpful than dry feed regarding vitamin and nutritional indicators.

Домашний аквариум:

You can read about fish on our site and learn about the nuances of the diet of aquarium inhabitants.
People who buy fish in their homes never regret it! If you put into practice the advice on choosing fish, caring for them, and feeding them, you can be successful in breeding aquarium inhabitants and, even in the future, perhaps, make money on it.

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