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Top 20 Facts About Fish

You are deeply mistaken if you think aquarium inhabitants are boring and nothing interesting can be said about fish. The most amazing and interesting facts about fish:

    1. The smallest aquarium measures 3 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width. This tiny home has plants, sand, and even a lovely home for a few tiny fish.
    2. Any normal aquarist immediately panics When a fish is floating upside down. However, for aquarium catfish, such behavior is entirely normal.
    3. A particular catfish can make squeak-like sounds using their pectoral fins.
    4. The knifefish lacks pectoral and dorsal fins, which does not prevent it from swimming back and forth. The anal fin helps her with this.
fish knife
Knife fish
    5. Interesting fish are polyptera, which have the talent to walk along the bottom.
    6. The aquarium, which surprises few people, was developed by the English scientist H. Ward in 1841.
    7. In the lobby of the Berlin Radisson Hotel, the world’s largest aquarium is shaped like a cylinder and 25 meters high. It is home to as many as 56 species of fish. The facts about fish don’t end there!
    8. The largest aquarium fish is Astronotus ocellatus. It is oval and 35 cm long.
Astronotus ocellatus
Astronotus ocellatus
    9. The female eel lived the longest life. She died at the age of 88.
    10. The creeper fish (Pineapple) can move on land and climb a tree.
    11. Tetradons are amusing fish that, when frightened, swell up and become like a ball.
    12. In case of danger, surgeon fish release sharp spines hidden in the tail section.
Surgeon fish
Surgeon fish
    13. Acanticuses are utterly indifferent to other types of fish but cannot stand their kind and destroy them.
    14. The aquarium fish gastromizon must live in fast current conditions. Suction cups all over its body hold it in place during strong currents.
    15. All clownfish are born males, but if necessary, change their sex.
    16. Ocellarises live among sea anemones, stinging coral polyps that can kill any aquatic inhabitants with their poison. A sea anemone is a bodyguard for this type of fish.
Top 20 Facts About Fish
    17. Goldfish will be leaders regarding the amount of exciting information. At one time, Europeans thought that its only food was water.
    18. Goldfish are cold-blooded, and their metabolism depends entirely on the temperature of the water.
    19. Contrary to popular belief, a goldfish memory lasts three months.
    20. Goldfish can also be metallic or pink.


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