What are parrots, subtleties and secrets of maintenance

There are no more human-pleasing descendants of the avian dinosaurs than parrots. From early childhood, we want a talking bird to feel like a pirate ship captain, a magician, or a space traveler (without the Talking Bird). However, we know little about these intelligent, beautiful, graceful creatures. On our site you can learn What are parrots, but we will focus on the most common in Russia: domestic feathered birds.

The origin of parrots

According to the latest data scientists, parrots in our familiar form were formed about 65 million years ago (this age belongs to the beak found in the sediments of Lance Creek in Wyoming). However, it is known that European varieties (not tropical South American, Indian, or Australian) are the oldest representatives of the species (bones found on the territory of Great Britain and France, about 50-60 million years), and they lived in the crowns of local trees in the Eocene epoch.

What are parrots: history and varieties with photos
The origin of modern parrots dates back to antiquity

The species diversity and their habitats provide excellent evidence that in prehistoric times, all the continents were combined into one, Pangea, and then the separated southern continent, Gondwana, took all members of the species to Antarctica.

It is also interesting that parrots became pets around the same time as dogs. Moreover, they are one of the oldest totemic animals. This was because of their advanced intelligence and the possibility of sound imitation – ancient people saw the intelligent birds as the reborn spirits of deceased leaders.

Remarkably, they were unknown in Europe for many centuries. In the 3rd century BC, one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Onesicritus, helped them return to their historical homeland.

Parrots were a sign of wealth—they were kept in the golden cages of palaces and padded around luxurious villas. According to one legend, Gaius Julius Caesar made some critical decisions during his campaigns based on the opinion of his pet cockatoo.

Today, there is a vast number of species, so it is worth spending time admiring the photos of these beautiful birds, memorizing the names of all popular species with names, studying their habits, and choosing a pet you like.

Structural features

Parrots are inhabitants of the tropics and subtropics, so most species are found in South America and Australia. The Green Continent is home to half of the known parrots, mainly waved parrots and cockatiels. They feel most comfortable in forests, but they are widespread everywhere: plains and meadows, mountains, floodplains of rivers.

Scientists currently count 87 species worldwide, but the inaccessibility of some regions of tropical latitudes suggests that the list needs to be completed.

Despite their great diversity in size, wingspan, colors, and habitats, they are all united by their curiosity, open interest in humans, and desire to learn. It was they who initiated the alliance with Homo Sapiens.

какие виды попугаев бывают

The giant parrot breeds could be better flyers. The larger the parrot, the less time it spends flying in natural conditions.

The cockatoo, for example, prefers to plan and jump from branch to branch, moving along the trunk of a tree like its ancient ancestor, Archaeopteryx (the “grandfather” of all modern bird species).

The body length ranges from 9 cm to 1 meter. Most of the group’s typical representatives are brightly colored, with yellow and green as the dominant colors. Their characteristic feature is an impressive beak, similar in structure to the beak of birds of prey. It is necessary for movement and feeding.

In addition to being able to chisel hard fruits with their beaks, these birds also use their beaks to climb trees, cleverly clinging to branches. In addition, the beak is a source of pride for the males, with the help of which they settle relations in ritual fights (non-aggressive and more reminiscent of a dance). “Savages” most often lead a nomadic lifestyle, moving from the place of feeding to a new place of overnight stay.

What kind of pet parrots are there

The most common breeds that humans domesticate are:

    ”” wavy
    ” corellas
    ”” cockatoo
    ”” jacobs
    ”” inseparable
    ”” ara

The Lapwing is a widespread domesticated bird and the smallest parrot. It will make a great companion for almost any child or adult. It responds well to humans, is quickly tamed, enjoys contact, and easily memorizes words.

Ironically, in their homeland of Australia, wild wavy parrots replace pigeons. Australian “pigeons” are common almost all over the continent. “Real” wavy parrots – only green-yellow color;  all other shades and coloring were obtained during breeding artificially. “Wavy” in the wild live in colossal flocks – up to several thousand individuals.

Colonies of wild wavy parrots in the wild
Moreover, the socialization of these birds has reached such heights that the flock is a huge well-coordinated mechanism, working without fail – each individual knows its function and place during the flight. Ornithologists are still puzzling over how such a small bird seems to be able to do what is beyond the control of the human mind.

In the wild, wavy parrots feed throughout the day and like to settle near rivers and bodies of water. Although they can memorize up to 30 words at home, they can communicate using nine sounds in the natural environment.

Стая диких волнистиков
In the wild, wolf cubs live in flocks.

Corellas are a medium-sized species of parrot. They are relatively peaceful and not too shouty (although it should be noted that at an early age, it is almost impossible to silence them – at this time, they realize that they have a very singing and tinkling voice, which they can not wait to apply in practice). In addition, these cute pets quickly adapt to their surroundings and learn well. They used to be considered a subspecies of cockatoos, but now they are separate. Corellas are friendly with people but need to improve at learning tricks and speaking.

If you ask what are the names of large parrots, we can use the breeds listed below as examples:

Крупные попугаи породы фото

Ara is one of the most expensive species to acquire legally. It is significant, intelligent, and independent. A funny trait is that the skin around its eyes can understand its mood. Ara changes color to red or orange if it is angry or agitated.

Fans of exotics need to understand that keeping Ara in the apartment can bring headaches not only to the owners but also to the neighbors. This species has a loud and rather unpleasant voice, capable of pissing off anyone.

They are pretty noisy, and not everyone can get used to their harsh voice timbre. Although this species cannot memorize words, it is good at learning various funny tricks.

белый большой попугай фото

The cockatoo is a conspicuous bird (its weight can reach 1 kg) and severe in size. It is a large parrot, most often white. It can be safely attributed to long-lived individuals (known individuals aged 100 years). Thanks to their vigor and outstanding ingenuity, these birds win the well-deserved love of their owners.

It is worth knowing that this species’ beak is mighty. It can break shells, wooden sticks up to a centimeter thick, and even metal wire. Cockatoos are very affectionate and constantly show their tenderness to humans, jealously guarding them from the crawls of other pets—dogs, cats, and even other parrots. Cockatoos love socializing, dancing, and playing—these birds will do anything to get attention and praise.


Jacko can rightfully be called the most talented member of the troop. He quickly becomes attached to the people around him. Jaco is a breed of medium-sized parrots. They quickly learn not only individual words but even whole sentences. They have a pleasant gray color and aristocratic appearance.



средние виды попугаев

Hummingbirds can be referred to as small representatives. It is believed that birds in a pair are firmly attached and are always together (although there are cases when the pair quickly disintegrated and parrots had to look for new partners). A calm and cheerful disposition characterizes them, although they do not belong to the talking ones.

Care and longevity

Different breeds eat differently. Their diets mainly consist of plant food, including various fruits and seeds. Lori feeds on nectar and pollen, while Kea will not refuse insect larvae or carrion.

In any case, there should always be access to fresh water and feed.

The most important question on the minds of all pet owners is the question of longevity. How many measured years are left depends on the size of the bird: small individuals live 10-15 years, and giant breeds can live up to 120 years (according to anecdotal evidence). For a pet to live as long as possible, it is necessary to:

  • Feed your parrot a varied and balanced diet;
  • Optimize the ambient temperature and day/night changeover;
  • Use ultraviolet lamps (they help the bird’s cells produce a vital vitamin D);
  • Ensure that the bird is not bored – provide it with toys and developmental aids;
  • Provide a spacious, stress-free cage for your pet;
  • Protect birds from household injuries (one of the most common causes of death is fractures).

If all these points are followed, the parrot can live as long as possible. Below are the names and photos of popular pet parrot species:

Lapwing parrot: up to 20 years. The average duration is 10-15 years.

самый маленький попугай
Lapwing parrot

Corella: up to 20 years. The average duration is 15-18 years.

Вид попугая Корелла

Herbivores: up to 15 years. The average duration is 10-15 years.


Jaco: up to 90 years. The average duration is 50-60 years.

Вид попугаев Жако

Ara: up to 50 years. Average duration: 30-40 years.

Попугаи Ара

Cockatoo: up to 65 years old. The average duration is 40-50 years.

Вид попугаев Какаду

Many owners of all varieties of parrots forget that these creatures need socialization. If the owners remember about their pets once a week, this can lead to severe stress and self-plucking.

The website has numerous photos and descriptions of the above parrot species, and it is highly recommended that you do so before you purchase it.

Love your winged friends; they will delight you with funny pranks and informed conversations for years.

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