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6 Exotic Aquarium Pets: Varieties And Coexistence With Fish

Even though amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles live together with fish in their natural habitat, experiments on their living together in an aquarium should be done cautiously. What other exotic aquarium pets exist besides fish?

Most popular exotic aquarium pets

The most popular aquarium inhabitants besides fish at the moment are:

  1. crabs
  2. crayfish
  3. shrimps
  4. frogs
  5. snails
  6. newts

You can get acquainted with the aquarium inhabitants by looking at the photos and names below.

Crabs are escapists

Certain types of crabs can get along with fish. However, these funny arthropods can cause problems, such as damaging vegetation or digging up soil. For a new resident to be comfortable in the aquarium, he needs a dwelling made of artificial stone. Crabs need to be fed specialized food high in calcium. These arthropods can escape, so it is essential to ensure that the aquarium is always tightly buried.

Exotic Aquarium Pets

Crayfish: content features

Crayfish are not precisely unusual aquarium inhabitants, but fish will become highly restless and dangerous neighbors. They will hunt for any fish that is a manageable size. During molting, crayfish are very vulnerable because they cannot defend themselves. In an aquarium, crayfish need shelter.

crayfish for aquarium

Is it possible to keep shrimp in an aquarium?

Shrimp are traditionally considered inhabitants of salt waters, although freshwater specimens are also found. These creatures perform the functions of a cleaner because they feed on leftover food and algae. Shrimp get along best with non-aggressive fish species.

shrimp for aquarium

Keeping a frog in an aquarium

Aquariums can also contain frogs. These cute amphibians are quite unpretentious in their living conditions. The most common species is the clawed frog. Such unusual aquarium inhabitants feed on both dry food and live food. The best neighbors for a frog will be non-aggressive fish species.

frogs for aquarium

How should snails be kept in an aquarium?

There are many ads like “give away snails for free.” These gastropods reproduce very quickly, filling the aquarium at an alarming rate. There is a way out of this situation: you can get predatory snails like Helen. Snails act as cleaners in the aquarium: they eat leftover food and other debris.

snails for aquarium

Newts: nuances of content

The newt lizard requires an aquarium because… he cannot always live in the water; sometimes, he must get out onto land. These unusual aquarium inhabitants can be fed with tweezers; their diet includes worms and bloodworms.

newts for aquarium

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