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How to Properly Feed Your Fish? Types of food

One of the first questions that novice aquarists ask is how to properly feed your fish. Correct feeding the fish is one of the most critical points since food is the source of health, growth, and development.

During feeding, the aquarist interacts directly with his charges, so there is a natural desire to prolong this exciting moment and feed them a little more. As a result, novice fish owners often see an aquarium that looks like a swamp and overfed fish that barely remember how to swim.

How to Properly Feed Your Fish How much should you feed the fish? They should be fed at most 1 or 2 times a day without allowing a large amount of food to sink to the bottom of the aquarium, clogging it. All food should be eaten within 3-4 minutes, and any remaining uneaten food should be removed.

It should also be understood that each type of fish requires exceptional food.

Types of food for aquarium fish

Now, there are the following types of feed:

    – alive
    – ice cream
    – vegetable
    – dry.

fish food

Before feeding live food, it must be thoroughly rinsed under cold water. The most popular are bloodworms and tubifex. Feeding fish should not be limited to the same species all the time; fish, like people, value variety.

Frozen food must first be thawed, rinsed under cold water, and given to the fish. Many aquarists recognize this type of food. It is easy to store and relatively safe for the aquarium’s inhabitants because… in its manufacture, special rays kill harmful microorganisms.

bloodworm for fish

All fish can also be fed with various dry foods, which are sold in huge quantities and variety in almost any pet store. This type of food is divided into flakes, granules, and tablets.

Cereals have recently become increasingly popular. Most fish readily eat them and quickly break down into particles in water. Is it possible to feed fish with them all the time? This is not advisable since the cereal’s nutritional value could be higher.

how to feed fish

The advantage of granules is that they do not clog the aquarium. The main thing is to choose the right size for your fish.

The tablets are primarily intended for bottom-living fish, such as catfish.

Most aquarium fish feed on plant foods, except predators. You can provide this food yourself (for example, cabbage or zucchini) or buy it in dry form.

Could you be sure to study the food your fish eats carefully?

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