Care and maintenance of the aquarium at home

Correct aquarium maintenance is important because the health and life of your pets directly depend on it. Many aquarists ask, how can we achieve that same balance? The answer is simple: Any excesses are harmful. This applies to feeding, lighting, and keeping plants. For example, excessive feeding can lead to obesity in fish, and excess light can lead to water blooms.

It is essential to monitor the aquarium’s condition daily. Daily care is straightforward and takes little time. In the morning, you must turn on the lights, feed the inhabitants, and remove excess food. In the evening, you must carry out another feeding and turn off the lights.

aquarium care

How many liters should an aquarium be?

Beginners sometimes have a three-liter jar or a 20-liter aquarium, overpopulated with various species that do not have time to grow normally and eat each other. Often, aquarists do not connect fish and the volume of water they require.

A beginner’s aquarium should be spacious. Keeping a large aquarium causes fewer problems than maintaining a small one, as the balance is often disturbed in a small aquarium.

aquarium maintenance

Aquarium maintenance: cleaning and cleaning

Algae growing along the walls of the aquarium do not pose a danger to the inhabitants, but they significantly impede visibility. To clean them, you must use special scrapers or sponges.

The aquarium filter must be washed periodically to work more efficiently. The filter absorbs all the dirt and remaining food from the water. When you clean, please pay special attention to the porous filler, which looks like a sponge, and then rinse it thoroughly under running water.

aquarium care and maintenance

The bottom of the aquarium must be cleaned about once a month. This is where fish waste and food residues accumulate. The easiest way to clean the soil is to use a hose with a narrow tip, which is sold in pet stores. Is it possible to use detergents and abrasives in an aquarium? No, they are too toxic and can cause irreparable harm to the health of its inhabitants.


At the same time as cleaning the soil, the water in the aquarium must be changed. Beginning aquarists often make the same mistake: changing all the water. This is a lot of stress for the inhabitants; at most, 20% must be replaced.

Also, before cleaning the aquarium, please pay attention to the plants: trim off the yellow dead leaves and strengthen those dug up by the fish.

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