How to Take Care of Puppy: nutrition, hygiene, education of good manners

It’s no secret that puppies are adorable, but caring for them requires experience and knowledge. In this section, you will learn How to Take Care of Puppy.

When bringing a puppy home, be prepared for immense joy. You will be responsible for cleaning up after your new furry friend and making necessary lifestyle adjustments. You will soon realize that providing food and affection is insufficient for your new companion. Caring for a puppy in the initial stages requires much work and effort, but it is worth it! Establishing healthy habits in the first few weeks will set the foundation for many happy years to come for your furry friend.

How to Take Care of Puppy

Taking your puppy to the veterinarian for a checkup is essential before anything else. This will help ensure your puppy is healthy and free from serious health problems or congenital disabilities.

Puppies increase, so it’s crucial to choose food that is specifically designed for their needs. This food should contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to support their growth and development.

Small and medium-sized breeds can usually be switched to an adult diet when they are between 9-12 months old, while large dogs should continue to eat a puppy diet until they reach two years of age.

feeding puppies

Following the appropriate feeding schedule for their age is essential to ensure your puppy is healthy and well-fed. Here’s a helpful guide:

– For puppies aged 6-12 weeks, feeding them four meals a day is recommended.
– Puppies aged 3-6 months should be given three meals daily.
– Puppies aged 6-12 months should be fed two meals daily.

Additionally, always providing your puppy with clean and fresh water is crucial.

Keeping a puppy in the house: how to toilet train a puppy

Puppies don’t like to wear diapers, and “accidents” are inevitable! The very first stage is the best for training and education. Experts say patience, perseverance, and a kind attitude are the most potent allies in raising the perfect pet.

If the puppy has not received the necessary vaccinations, he needs to find a space free from other dogs for the toilet. This will help protect against the spread of viruses and diseases. What is the best way to toilet-train a puppy?

how to toilet train a puppy

In the following situations, it should be taken to the toilet:

    – in the morning, when you wake up
    – any time the puppy wakes up from sleep
    – just before bed
    – soon after the puppy has eaten a large meal or drunk a lot of water
    – during and after physical activity

keeping a puppy

Teaching your puppy good manners will prepare it for positive social interactions. Additionally, obedience training will help build a stronger bond between you and your puppy.

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