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TOP 17 most expensive dog breeds

If you are the owner of a special breed of dog, the purchase of which costs you a lot of money, then your friend is most likely different from the rest of his kind. And sometimes, he becomes a cause for discussion among owners and observers.

TOP 17 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Expensive dogs can be both great guards and small companions. Of course, the show class is a priori sold much more expensive, but there are several breeds of dogs that are already considered prestigious from birth – so rare are they in our country. We presented 17 Most Expensive Dog breeds, which, in our opinion, are rare and therefore quite expensive in our country.

Akita Inu

We may all have seen the movie about the faithful dog Hachiko. This is the Akita Inu, a Japanese dog breed that has become a symbol of love and loyalty to the owner;

Акита-ину портрет

At the same time, the Akita does not tolerate other dogs, especially those of the same sex. Therefore, Inu should always be the only and unique in the family. They also dislike strangers, although they do not throw themselves. Akita rarely barks, if necessary.

Акита-ину щенок фото

As for character, the breed is quite diverse here. Dogs can make their own decisions and unconditionally obey the master, but only if the owner is firm in spirit and unshakable as a rock. With a soft person, an Akita will immediately take supremacy in his paws, and it will be tough to cope with him.

Акита-ину фото

Akita grasps everything on the fly, so training should be fine. However, very often, owners are faced with the dog wanting to avoid following orders. Such situations occur if the dog is not “explained” why he should follow this or that order. With Akita Inu from childhood, it is necessary to work on motivation.

Порода акита-ину фото

It’s a child that needs to be handled all the time. And if you don’t give your dog the necessary relief and leave him home alone, it’s entirely possible that when you return, you’ll see rags instead of a sofa;

Собака акита-ину фото

Be careful: the Akita Inu has no fear of heights. Both puppies and adult dogs can perform unimaginable pirouettes without any concern for where they land.

Video: Akita Inu

Alaskan kai kai

This dog is very similar to the Husky, but it is only a more miniature copy. In character, it also resembles these beautiful sled dogs in some ways: loosey-goosey, fun-loving dogs are sure to become family favorites. There are three varieties: standard, mini, and Toy. They differ in size, which makes them very attractive for keeping in apartments.

Аляскинский кли-кай портрет

The Alaskan Kli-Kai does not bark in the usual sense. He grunts, which resembles human speech, making communication with the dog even more amusing.

Аляскинский кли-кай щенок фото

The Kli-Kai needs to tolerate loneliness better, so it will not suit owners who have to be away for long periods. Besides, just like a husky, it can make a mess in the house: chew furniture, overturn flower pots, and destroy more than one pair of slippers.

Аляскинский кли-кай фото

If you are still captivated by this breed and you need to be away, provide the dog with toys that he can turn his wind-up temperament to. If you have other animals like dogs or cats in the house, that’s fine, too. They will make good company for the cli-cai.

Порода аляскинский кли-кай фото

Unlike a Husky, a Kli-Kai may not tolerate rough treatment from teenagers. Therefore, children need to be taught how to behave with the dog. The Kli is just crazy about very young kids, and the kid can hurt without realizing it. How Kli Kai separates one from the other is a mystery.

Собака аляскинский кли-кай фото

And just like the Husky, the Alaskan Kli-Kai is a mini excavator. The dog will dig holes, so if you live in a private house, consider this fact.

Video: Alaskan Kli-Kai

English bulldog

English Bulldogs are dogs that are unique in every way. In addition to the charming appearance of the breed has a powerful musculature and at the same time amazingly lazy character. He would lie on the couch for days, occasionally switching to food and play with children, but they need a daily walk, if only for health reasons.

Английский бульдог портрет

The English Bulldog is also stubborn. Combined with laziness, this quality seems quite disastrous, but you just need to find the key to the dog. And of course, it is absolutely impossible to force this aristocrat to do anything. Only love, affection and firmness of character can move this little giant.

Английский бульдог щенок фото

Despite the formidable appearance, bulldogs at heart are very kind individuals who do not mind making friends with any domestic animals.

Английский бульдог фото

Keep your Englishman safe from the heat. Summers with high temperatures and humidity can be unbearable torture for your pet. Because of the special structure of the muzzle, the dog snores and can often be exposed to respiratory diseases. And do not overfeed the pet. His natural laziness and breed features allow him to easily gain weight, from which the dog then suffers.

Порода английский бульдог фото

If you thought that the English bulldog is a gentle and spineless creature, I hasten to refute your thoughts. In case of the slightest danger, this seemingly clumsy dog will bravely become the owner’s defense. And taking into account its considerable weight and the famous bulldog jaw, you can only pity the offender.

Video: English bulldog

Afghan greyhound

No wonder this dog is among the most expensive in the world. The Afghan Greyhound is indeed very beautiful. And at the same time very contradictory. If as a puppy the dog will be ready to play even 24 hours a day, then as an adult, you can’t play with it just like that. Yes, it certainly does not mind to play, but only when it wants it.

Афганская борзая портрет

Keep in mind that these greyhounds are very touchy. And if you punish the dog for something he thinks he did not do, expect a corresponding reaction. For the same reason, you should not get an Afghan Greyhound if you have small children in the house. Violence on their part can bring your beauty to the pen;

Афганская борзая щенок фото

Afghans are individualistic and because of this, they are thought of as an unruly and stroppy dog. However, everything is much simpler than it seems. The Afghan Greyhound’s character is somewhat similar to that of cats. One individual can be affectionate and shy, and the other – capricious and willful. It is impossible to guess which dog you will get.

Афганская борзая фото

Afghans are no longer the herding dogs that once guarded flocks. Breeding has done its job and now it is more of an image breed. Nevertheless, a Greyhound will never compete with its owner for the right to be the alpha. They are already self-sufficient and see no reason to prove anything to anyone.

Порода афганская борзая фото

Caring for the coat is a separate story. The beautiful “hair” of the Afghan requires daily care, and for show-class dogs life has prepared separate tests. And the earlier you teach your dog to brush and groom, the better for everyone.

Собака афганская борзая фото

Training an Afghan can and should be done. However, be prepared that sometimes your orders may be ignored. That’s why it’s important to establish a trusting relationship with your pet from puppyhood;

Фото афганской борзой

It takes a lot of exercise for a dog to get his energy out, which not every owner can do. Sign up for coursing – in most cases this will be enough.

Video: Afghan Greyhound

Bedlington terrier

The name itself suggests that Bedlingtons belong to a breed bred in England. At the first glance at the dog, the associations with something gentle and fearful arise – so Bedlington resembles either a sheep or a poodle.

Бедлингтон-терьер портрет

However, this breed does not belong to the terrier breed for nothing. Behind the external complacency hides a real hunter who will relentlessly pursue his prey.

Бедлингтон-терьер щенок фото

Today, these “sheep” are mostly show-class dogs, which are specially prepared for exhibitions. And at home, the Bedlington is an excellent companion. They will never just show aggression towards a person, but if they get bored, they can show their temper.

Бедлингтон-терьер фото

The Bedlington Terrier is very jealous of its owner. Therefore, it is desirable to limit the neighborhood with cats-dogs. And the terrier will not be very happy with children, because they can make the sensitive nature of the dog nervous.

Собака бедлингтон-терьер фото

It begs a perfectly reasonable question: what would you even do with such a dog? It is not cheap enough to be just a couch animal. It is necessary to either hunt with it, or to be engaged in exhibitions and training.

Фото бедлингтон-терьера

Keep in mind that once the hunting instinct is awakened in a terrier, the dog cannot be “reset to factory settings”. Therefore, either hunting or training in good behavior. 

Video: Bedlington Terrier


It is originally a hound breed, which, judging by the translation of the breed name goes by “blood trail”. Today, Bloodhounds are mostly used as bloodhounds. But the breed is so rare that it deservedly made our list.

Бладхаунд портрет

The Bloodhound is a phlegmatic goody-goody. But that doesn’t mean it can be treated as it pleases. The Belgian hound will not start fights in the company of his own kind, and among cats he will not bully everyone indiscriminately.

Бладхаунд щенок фото

If you often invite guests to your home, rest assured that your dog will never attack any of them. The dog will gladly join the human company and will take a sincere part in all the fun.

Бладхаунд фото

The Bloodhound cannot be called an apartment dog. He’s too big and clumsy for that. Moreover, the hound will try to damage your property. The best option for keeping a dog is a private house with a garden plot.

Фото бладхаунда

Although the Bloodhound can not be called a stupid dog, its training can present some surprises. The fact is that Bloodhounds sometimes do not see the point of the lessons, and therefore do not hurry to fulfill. There is one more distracting factor: hounds have a phenomenal sense of smell and are often distracted by a scent that interests them. They follow the trail persistently and marasmatically, so you should take this fact into account.

Video: Bloodhound

Bordeaux dog

The appearance of the Bordeaux Dane that scares people is deceptive. It is a rather calm and self-confident dog that does not attack people. 

Бордоский дог портрет

He loves his master wholeheartedly and follows him everywhere. Even on a walk, the Dane will not move too far away from you, preferring that you remain in his field of vision. Do not leave the Bordeaux alone for long: for this giant, loneliness is a terrible punishment.

Бордоский дог щенок фото

Bordeaux will get along perfectly at home with a cat, but on the street will 100% start hunting on the mustachioed.Dog will not tolerate among his family and dogs of the same sex as him, as well as small children. The fact is that the sounds and fuss that create kids, irritate the dog. Of course, the dog is unlikely to throw with a grinning mouth on the child, but you better postpone the purchase of a puppy until the child is not at least ten years old.

Бордоский дог фото

The Bordeaux dog is an excellent guardian of the territory entrusted to him. The Bordeaux Dog is an excellent guardian of the territory entrusted to him.

Порода бордоский дог фото

Training a Dane can be challenging. This breed is characterized by stubbornness and willfulness. But as with all breeds, the advice is universal: you just need to connect with your dog, and for such a serious breed, that’s a must. Don’t let your dog cuddle when he’s still a puppy – in the future, a 50-pound laggard will knock people over like skittles. And don’t let your dog pull on the leash on a walk, otherwise you’ll be the one being walked.

Собака бордоский дог фото

The Bordeaux Dog is a pig. The dog loves to get dirty, so regular bathing should be the norm. And the dog does not eat very neatly, so a damp cloth should always be at hand.

Video: Bordeaux dog

Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

The Pembroke is among the top most expensive dogs, if only because it is the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Great Britain. And the desire to have what the royals have is kind of obligatory.

Вельш-корги пемброк портрет

Corgis are very friendly sheepdogs. They will never attack a person, although clashes do happen with members of their tribe. There is also a variety: the Welsh Corgi Cardigan – it is practically one breed with some differences.

Вельш-корги кардиган
Welsh corgi cardigan

Despite their indoor appearance, Pembrokas are originally herding dogs. They are very agile and always busy: they play, run, frolic on their short legs and smile sweetly, always making people around them in indescribable delight.

Вельш-корги пемброк щенок фото

Corgi will follow you everywhere and from time to time touch you with his paw as if to say: “Master, pay attention to me”.  And of course, this breed is crazy about children. No matter what mischief-makers do, the sheepdog will stoically endure and will never show the slightest aggression.

Порода вельш-корги пемброк фото

The corgi has two habits left from his shepherding life: biting people’s legs from behind and eating well. Since the dog is unlikely to herd geese, all the people in his family become geese. Hence the nibbling: the corgi simply points you in the direction in which to move. To wean the dog from this will not be any difficulty. And the habit of stuffing the stomach is also from the shepherd times, when it was unknown whether the next time you will be able to eat. But even this can be easily controlled.

Video: welsh corgi

Irish wolfhound

The very name of the breed suggests what kind of activity this dog is engaged in. But for people the Irish are absolutely safe (of course, if you behave with them properly);

Ирландский волкодав портрет

This dog has such qualities as love for the owner and his family (but not servile worship), the ability to control his emotions and intolerance to other animals. Therefore, the neighborhood with the same cat can end very sadly for the latter.

Ирландский волкодав щенок фото

An Irish wolfhound is unlikely to be a bodyguard. He has the wrong temperament. But it is always welcome to maim an enemy who has entered the dog’s territory. That’s why from early puppyhood the dog should be socialized – you don’t live among the Irish mountains.

Ирландский волкодав фото

You can and should train an Irishman, but the training should be based on mutual trust and respect. Remember – these dogs are very touchy and hate to be told the same thing 100500 times. And of course, never hit a wolfhound: you will get a nervous and unhappy dog, and this is dangerous for you and for others.

Video: Irish Wolfhound

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This breed owes its origin to the British aristocracy, who, chasing fashion, favored the cheerful, beady-eyed dogs. They testified to the high status of the lords and were kept exclusively as room dogs, contrary to the decree which stated that it was not allowed to keep dogs at court.

Кавалер-кинг-чарльз-спаниель портрет

Later on, the breed underwent significant changes through selection and in 1928 a new variety was approved, which still exists today. The breed has gained popularity with many celebrities, which explains why it is so expensive today.

Кавалер-кинг-чарльз-спаниель щенок фото

The Cavalier is a dog with irrepressible energy. Even if there is only one spaniel in the house, it seems that there are at least three of them – so much so that he has developed the ability to be in several places at the same time and stick his curious nose everywhere. That is why Cavaliers are recommended to be breed in very large families, so that the dog does not annoy anyone with its attention.

Кавалер-кинг-чарльз-спаниель фото

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will get along with anyone: cat, dog, bird, reptile, etc. It has absolutely no leadership tendencies, but it has one strong quality – boundless charm. They are very fond of tactile contact and are therefore crazy about children, who, as usual, love to hug and squeeze animals.

Порода Ирландский волкодав фото

Training should be approached carefully: the slightest rudeness can turn the dog away from the desire to do anything forever. And on a walk, chasing some small animals (no one canceled hunting instincts), a spaniel can get lost. Therefore, the most important thing is to clearly learn the commands “come to me”, “foo” and “next to me”.

Video: cavalier king charles spaniel


This is a relatively rare breed originally from Germany. The cute, shaggy, big guy is very kind to children as an adult, but as a puppy this breed is a bit misunderstood and can nip. 

Леонбергер портрет

Despite its size, the Leonberger is neither a guardian nor a bodyguard. It’s nonsense to see a two-legged dog as an enemy, but it can also bark, after which people tend to lose the desire to take offensive action.

Леонбергер щенок фото

The Leonberger is very docile. He will not chase cats and other minnows, and he is unlikely to start a fight with his kin. But of course, he can give any bully a good fight back.

Леонбергер фото

It is an excellent companion, affectionate and loving, although looking at the dog at once and not think about it. It is clear that such a dog is unlikely to be kept in an apartment. A private house with a garden plot is intended for him. And to chain this shaggy bear means to spoil his psyche.

Порода леонбергер фото

If you want a loyal dog, you must have one leon. When two puppies are taken, the dogs become so infatuated with each other that the two-leoners take a back seat to them. 

Собака леонбергер фото

Our climate is perfect for the Leonberger. This dog doesn’t do well in hot weather and it’s no wonder, because it has such a thick, long coat!

Video: leonberger

Neapolitan Mastiff

You don’t meet this breed in our country very often. Massive, with thick folds of skin, the dog accompanied Roman legionaries on campaigns two millennia ago and fought in collisions with other animals and people. 

Неаполитанский мастиф портрет

The Mastino Neapolitano is a dog of one master. He is so devoted to him that he may become depressed if he does not receive proper attention. For the same reason, he may become aggressive to other households who were not lucky enough to become his favorites. Therefore, in order to avoid mishaps – deal with the dog.

Мастино неопалитано щенок фото

The Mastino is territorial and would be a good guardian. Not a mouse will get past him, you can be sure of that. Even if the Neapolitano is quietly snoozing in the shade, he knows exactly what is going on in the territory entrusted to him at the moment.

Мастино неопалитано фото

Although the dog has a calm nature, he needs a firm and persistent owner. A Neapolitano is not a dog for people who are too soft, as it will make decisions for you.

Video: mastino neapolitano

Prague Pied Piper

The unusual name of the breed suggests that in the past these miniature dogs were excellent rat-catchers. But nowadays this breed belongs to the class of image breeds and is an excellent companion.

Пражский крысарик портрет

They are a very sociable dog, they are even called a pocket comforter. They have excellent hunting instincts, so introducing dogs to chinchilla mice is a questionable idea. But with cats, they’ll be the best buddies. Maybe because rodents do unite.

Пражский крысарик фото

Pied Pipers are fearless. They can attack any large dog if they feel their rights are being infringed upon. And exactly with the same zeal all small-sized yard “game” will be subjected to persecution. That is why it is recommended to take the pied pipers out only on a leash.

Порода пражский крысарик фото

The Prague Pied Piper is a greedy possessor. If someone tries to take away what belongs to him (a bone or a toy), he will see with his own eyes what this little dog is capable of. That’s probably why pied pipers still make all sorts of stashes. If you don’t find something in its place, it makes sense to look for it with your four-legged friend.

Собака пражский крысарик фото

Small size and amusing appearance of the rat catcher so and dispose to pamper, pamper and once again pamper the animal. But with this should not be indiscriminate, because ratsariki – very subtle manipulators. Just give a weakness, and the dog sitting in your pocket, with pleasure will command you.

Video: Prague Pied Piper

 Russian black terrier

Funny enough, this breed is not related to terriers. The dog belongs to the Schnauzers and Pinschers, and breeds such as the Riesenschnauzer, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, and Erdelterrier played a role in its formation. 

 Русский черный терьер портрет

The black terrier is also called “Stalin’s dog”. And all because he personally gave the order to breed a new breed, which would not be afraid of neither heat nor cold, perfectly trained and had excellent security qualities.

 Русский черный терьер щенок фото

Nowadays, the Russian terrier is a wonderful companion and guardian of the house. Even if you have a large homestead plot, the dog will thoroughly investigate all its corners for illegal entry.

 Русский черный терьер фото

A well-behaved terrier will not just attack a person, only in the case of a clear threat. Terriers have an excellent memory, and that is why they are thought of as vindictive dogs. But after all, every action has its counteraction. And to joke with this serious dog I would not advise;

Порода русский черный терьер фото

Russian black terrier will gladly play with your heirs. One “but”: children should not be too small, because a massive dog reluctantly can cause injuries. Yes, and a small child may not realize that this big guy has a limited supply of patience.

Собака русский черный терьер фото

The owner of the Russian black terrier should be a person with a firm spirit, strict and fair. Training of this dog is not a troublesome matter, but it is impossible to force the dog to do something that is not relevant. 

Фото русский черный терьер

It is a relatively young breed. Those dogs with predominantly Eardel blood are more companionable and friendly, while those with predominantly Rottweiler blood are more protective and guarding.

Video: Russian Black Terrier


This graceful greyhound was bred in the Middle East for unarmed hunting and long distance sporting runs. It is an intelligent-looking dog and has the same personality. Its nervous system is extremely sensitive, so it will not tolerate pokes and nips from unintelligent children.

Салюки портрет

And in relation to adults, the Greyhound loses its way if it is spoken to in an elevated tone. Or even so: if in its presence someone has a relationship with it. Therefore, if you have a stormy family life, do not get this breed.

Салюки фото

The Persian Greyhound is equally friendly to all members of the family, but its heart goes out to only one master. Therefore, the household must realize that only one person can command the dog. To force him to do the whims of others is to sway his nervous system.

Порода салюки фото

Saluki can easily get along with dogs, but getting her to stop chasing cats is a challenge. He’s a hunter, what can you take from him? So be careful where you walk: the slightest provocation and you’re just a trace of Saluki gone.

Собака салюки фото

In terms of training, the Persian will also not please you much, because for centuries the task of the dog was to run and hunt, and here someone is trying to achieve something incomprehensible … But with due diligence and good contact with the dog, Saluki can still be taught something.

Гончая салюки

Salukis are also amazingly stubborn. As a puppy, the dog will not once test your patience, but you must remember that only kindness, affection and justice will help you to grow an adequate Greyhound. However, when the Persian grows up, these tendencies will disappear into oblivion by themselves.

Фото салюки

Exercise your saluki. Take her to movie sets, exercise her in running and hunting. Contrary to popular belief, a greyhound will not become wild and uncontrollable. On the contrary: it concentrates a huge energy, which just need somewhere to go.

Video: saluki

Tibetan Mastiff

It is one of the most expensive and oldest dog breeds in the world. Excavations confirm that mastiffs were with humans as early as the Stone Age. Due to the geographical remoteness of Tibet, the breed’s traits have not changed for many millennia, and interest in these powerful dogs is relatively recent.

Тибетский мастиф портрет

The Tibetan Mastiff is an animal with a sense of dignity. It has a strong and indestructible character. It will not bark over nothing and demands to be treated as an equal.

Тибетский мастиф щенок фото

Surprisingly, mastiff activity occurs in the evening and at night. This is explained by the fact that in the past dogs used to sleep during the day in order to be ready at night to carry out guard duty and protect villages and monasteries from raids by people and wild animals. So get used to your dog barking at night.

Тибетский мастиф фото

A Tibetan will never lunge at a person first (unless they are trespassing). But at the same time, dogs have what people call intuition, and if your dog is grumbling at a familiar friend, you may want to take a closer look at that person.

Порода тибетский мастиф фото

Mastiffs do not like noise and fuss. Therefore, he will be good in a family where there are no very small children and the house does not look like a passing yard because of numerous guests;

Собака тибетский мастиф фото

If the Tibetan Mastiff grew up with any animal, then in the future it will be a member of his gang, over which it is not necessary to establish dominance. But if you have an adult dog with someone else, conflicts are unlikely to be avoided.

Фото тибетского мастифа

If the mastiff does not recognize your dominance, it will be a difficult task to train him. But even if you are the alpha, the dog must be handled with tact and patience, without even a hint that he might lose trust in you.


Video: Tibetan Mastiff

Pharaoh dog

It is also a very rare and quite expensive dog. Its homeland is considered to be Malta, and the profile of Pharaohs is very reminiscent of the Egyptian god of the netherworld Anubis. The second name of the breed is the Maltese rabbit hound, which clearly indicates its specialization.

Фараонова собака портрет

But today everything is different and the Pharaoh dog has become an image breed, the possession of which shows the high social status of its owner.

Фараонова собака фото

This is a very kind, calm and affectionate animal, which can embarrass neither naughty children nor crowds of guests. The dog with equal dignity will give if necessary a rebuff and will not bore the owner with his attention, if he is not located to communicate.

Порода фараонова собака фото

Surprisingly, if this Greyhound is hyperactive on a walk or in class, it will not turn everything upside down at home;

Фото фараоновой собаки

Pharaohs do not single out any one person among their owners. They treat all household members with equal degree of adoration, and they do it so tactfully that it is a sin to take offense. In the same way they accept other dogs on their territory. They are strangers to quarrels and conflicts.

Гончая фараонова собака фото

Training a pharaoh dog can take years. And not because greyhounds are stupid. Just they are characterized by a phenomenal memory and once learned will never forget. Just a general course of training – absolutely not their element. The breed was bred for hunting and friendship, so you need to think about more simplified methods of training.

Video: Pharaoh’s dog

Which breed from this list would you choose?

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