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Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Today, there is still such a phenomenon as dog fighting. And representatives of fighting dog breeds are usually shunned. And for nothing, because if you take a puppy from a proven breeder, the pet will not be aggressive. Everything depends on genes and, of course, on upbringing.

Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

There is no such category as a “fighting dog.” It is a kind of “employment” of the dog, and it does not correspond in any way to the official definitions. Essentially, any dog that engages in combat can be called a fighting dog.

The owner of such a severe dog must understand the degree of responsibility and, in no case, provoke the animal, opening the way to dormant instincts.

American Staffordshire Terrier

One of the most famous Aggressive dog breeds. Its fame runs ahead of it. And all because Amstaffs can be both placid do-gooders and excellent companions and warriors without fear and reproach;

Американский стаффордширский терьер портрет

The breed was bred to protect the family, but his intelligence and physical attributes were judged slightly off the mark. That’s why Staffordshire is a frequent participant in dog fights. The Staffie instantly throws itself at the opponent, almost without barking and growling, and few people can stop it.

Американский стаффордширский терьер

By the way, the staff is excellent for staying in an apartment. Its medium size and short hair are usually acceptable for owners. However, its mobility can sometimes be confusing: how can you move so quickly with such a build?

Щенок американского стаффордширского терьера

Amstaff training is not for amateurs. Although there are cases when the dog understands the owner without words, training such a severe dog requires a unique approach. It is impossible to treat him rudely and cultivate anger in his character. At the same time, it is pretty challenging to make Staffordshire lose its temper, but it will show itself well if it happens.


The American Staffordshire Terrier will gladly take part in all the games. He gets along well with children, but with a very young child, it is still not worth leaving him.

Video: mastiff

American Bull

Let me put it this way: an unusual breed ????. These dogs are the Schwarzeneggers of the canine world, even despite their relatively short stature. And many people instinctively avoid them for fear of the intimidating grin.

Американский булли портрет

In fact, a properly raised bully – the kindest animal, which will gladly participate in all children’s pranks, but as the main owner will choose one person. And here his dog will literally follow his heels, trying to earn attention and affection.

Американский булли щенки фото

This dog is a lonely dog and frequent absence of the alpha master can lead to the fact that the bully stops seeing him as a leader. This means that the dog will do as he pleases. After all, no one wants to deal with an out-of-control fighting dog, right?

Американский булли

Bullies can also test their owners for dominance when they are young. The division of roles should be established from puppyhood and the rules should be followed. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to get an American Bullie for people with a soft temperament.


Problems can arise with other pets, and often end badly. Do not get other pets if you already have a Bullie in the family!

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Argentine dog

The Argentine, despite his imposing appearance, is quite tolerant of strangers. It doesn’t matter, though, because strangers try to avoid this big dog without any warning.

Аргентинский дог портрет

But for the owner Argentine dog is a faithful and reliable companion with the character of a true aristocrat;

Аргентинский дог щенок фото

There is one peculiarity of the Argentine – he is quite demanding for attention in his direction. The dog will climb on your lap and ask for caresses in every possible way. And this is with his size! Needless to say, the owner should not drive the dog away? But it is better not to introduce this dog to other pets.


Аргентинский до

However, with all these qualities, dogs are quite independent and often try to be dominant. You won’t have time for hobbies, let alone TV – a dog needs long walks and good exercise all the time.

Because of its affection for its owner, the Argentine Dog is an excellent bodyguard.

Video: Argentine dog

Bull Terrier

In our country, this breed was popular in 1990-2000, but even now it is not uncommon to meet this unusual and somewhat strange looking dog. Non-fans often say that the Bull Terrier has a ratty face, but to me he seems like a refined aristocrat, because the birthplace of the breed is England.

Бультерьер портрет

A socialized and properly trained Bull Terrier is just a sweetheart, but if you bring him up as a fighting dog, you get a real cyborg-killer who feels neither fear nor pain. For a long time, a branch of bulls was bred, in which their natural aggressiveness was eradicated. Therefore, when buying a puppy, you need to choose a breeder very carefully.

Бультерьер щенки фото

The Bull Terrier is a real fidgeter. He spins and twirls, runs around the house, the street – it doesn’t matter where. That’s why he needs to be tired every day: long walks and physical exercise. If you do not give it to him, then suffer your slippers, and even the sofa. Therefore, it is undesirable for him to live in an apartment. Too much chaos he will bring into it. If you leave the bull for a long time alone, then to the chewed up property will be added and unbearable howling, for which the neighbors are sure to say “thank you”;

Бультерьер фото

Bull Terrier perceives other animals either as a rival or as prey. There are cases of coexistence, but it is rare, and in this case do not leave the pets left to themselves. But to people bull often does not show aggression. Therefore, the guard of it – so so.

Video: bull terrier


The second name of the breed is the South African Mastiff. This is a very serious dog, which should be trained by a person who knows all the nuances of the breed. There are burbuli, specially bred for fighting. And this line is not suitable for home keeping. Dogs are very aggressive and it is very difficult to cope with them;

Бурбуль портрет

A socialized burbul should accept all members of the family, and react to strangers in an aloof manner. But even so, when talking to your buddies, you should keep an eye on the dog, because one wave of the hand in your direction can be interpreted as an act of aggression. And the consequences will be natural.

Бурбуль щенки фото

The owner must behave with the burbul in a commanding, unappealing, but respectful manner. Dogs begin to confront each other in adolescence and should not be allowed to get away with it. 


Training a burbul is not a quick and fussy business. This breed is not stupid, but constantly wants to test the owner. Even if the dog obeys unquestioningly, there is no guarantee that the same reaction will be the next time.

Южноафриканский мастиф бурбуль

This dog needs a lot of exercise – only then will you get a loyal, manageable friend. This is a slow-growing breed, so be patient.

Video: a burrbull.

Canary Dog

As the name makes clear, the breed originated in the Canary Archipelago from the crossing of local dogs with Molossians. It is a fairly balanced dog, although it is banned from importation into a number of countries.

Канарский дог портрет

The somewhat phlegmatic-looking Canary Dog will readily adopt a determined pose and show great swiftness for play or exercise. Since their nervous system is in good order, they don’t usually get into fights, but if a dog gets caught in the middle of a fight, it’s not going to be easy for the troublemaker.

Канарский дог фото

Some people are afraid of the Canary Dog breed, but in most cases inadequate dog behavior is the result of inadequate training. Yes, there have been cases with fatalities involving people, but a properly socialized dog will never attack a person unless it is provoked to do so.

Канарский дог

This intelligent breed is easy to train, but in order to raise a dog that is safe for others, you need to take specialized courses.

Щенок канарского дога

This is a dog of one master, so there must be a clear leader in a human family. Otherwise, the dog will realize that there is no commander in chief and will do as he pleases.

Video: Canary Dog

Cane corso

The Cane Corso is a large Italian mastiff whose history dates back to ancient Rome and even Antiquity. Mastiffs are very versatile dogs that are used as guards, shepherds, and are no stranger to dog fights.

Кане-корсо портрет

In the house, the Cane Corso is a full-fledged protector of property and a very accommodating personality, from which even cats can twist ropes. The dog can only show open aggression if it feels threatened or if its master commands it to do so.

Кане-корсо щенок фото

The Italians even care for their owner’s offspring. Perhaps the roots of this behavior originated from shepherd times, when dogs took care of calves and lambs and carried this feature through more than one millennium. In any case, you can leave a Cane Corso with your children and go about your business safely.

Кане-корсо фото

Dogs of this breed unconditionally love their master, so they are easy to train, but they grow up late. Therefore, socialization and basic commands should come first, and serious training will not run away.

Video: cane-corso

Pit bull terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is banned in some countries. This dog is equated to a cold weapon, and such an attitude was formed because of really fighting qualities.

Питбуль портрет

It is undesirable to walk Pete without a leash and muzzle in the open: the dog is very aggressive towards other dogs. But with his owner he will be a sweet, naughty puppy.

Щенок питубя фото

You should start training your Pit from the age of puppyhood. The owner should immediately make it clear who is in charge – but not by brute force, which will have the opposite effect. For the same reason, all commands should be given in a calm, confident tone. The dog must not be made to feel that he is annoyed or frightened.

Питбуль фото

Be clear about the system of prohibitions. If, for example, you forbid your dog to take food from the hands of strangers, do not encourage this action with friends. The same rules should be followed by the rest of the family. There is no need to create chaos in the clever head of the American Pit Bull Terrier – he will cease to regard prohibitions as obligatory for fulfillment.

Порода питбуль фото

If in education you can not cope with the pet and the dog stubbornly bends its line – seek help from a kinologist, otherwise you will have a very dangerous friend not only for others, but also for yourself.

Video: pit bull

Staffordshire bull terrier

This breed comes from England. It was created by crossing a terrier and a bulldog. Despite its formidable appearance, the Staffie is very attached to its owner and constantly seeks his attention and indulgence. If you can’t devote a lot of time to your dog, consider another breed.

Стаффордширский бультерьер портрет

With a terrier ancestry, the Staffie is not averse to the occasional tussle with other dogs or chasing a cat up a tree. But if you brought a dog into your home as a young puppy and you already have pets, the Staffie will make friends with them.

Стаффордширский бультерьер щенок фото

Showing aggression towards other animals is atypical for modern Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but if you got such an exception – you can’t retrain the dog neither by prohibitions, nor by caresses.

Стаффи фото

Your dog is a cunning creature who will twist demands in his own way and try to do as he pleases. That is why all orders must be obeyed instantly and without pause. A Bull Terrier must necessarily undergo a general training course, the other courses are at the owner’s discretion. 

Video: staffordshire bull terrier


This is the most exotic breed on our list. Despite its “cute” name, it is a large mastiff bred in Japan specifically for fighting. As with other breeds, the owner of a Tokyo Mastiff should be a determined and confident person.

Тоса-ину портрет

The tosa does not feel unreasonable aggression towards people, but if you step on its territory, the reaction will be instantaneous. With the owner, the dog is oriental restrained, it will not fountain love and ask to play. But undoubtedly, for the Tosa Inu the owner is the center of the universe.

Тоса-ину щенок фото

For the same reason, the breed is characterized by being a bit wordy. The Mastiff will not whine or bark. He will act with silent determination.

Video: tosa inu

As you can see, most fighting dog breeds are not that scary if you know how to raise them.

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