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How to get rid of dog fleas: 5 popular effective methods

If the dog suddenly begins to behave restlessly actively itches, grains or black dots appear in the fur, which, during bathing, move to the head and neck of the animal, there is a high probability that the dog fleas. Owners of four-legged friends are concerned about the following questions: how to get rid of dog fleas and what methods of combating parasites are most effective. Some dog breeders prefer traditional methods, while others trust modern methods more.

How to get rid of dog fleas

If your dog has fleas, the first thing to do is bathe him. The pet needs to be soaped heavily for 10-15 minutes. It would help if you used laundry or tar soap as a detergent. Then, could you rinse the wool under running warm water? Some of the parasites will be washed away. Could you dry the coat and comb it?

How to get rid of dog fleas using medications

The advantage of modern anti-flea drugs is that you can eliminate the problem in 1-2 doses. The most significant effect is achieved with complex effects. The most effective means are:

  1. drops
  2. collar
  3. spray
  4. shampoo
  5. pills
flea tablets for dogs
Flea tablets

Dog breeders buy drops as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Treating your pet’s fur once every four weeks is recommended. The drug’s substance penetrates the blood and repels parasites, achieving this effect.

Collars are popular because they are easy to use and do not restrict the dog’s movements. Their systematic wearing allows you to protect your pet from uninvited guests for a long time. However, it would help to be careful when using the collar, as the active substance is toxic and may harm your pet. Puppies under six months, dogs over ten years old, pregnant, lactating, and sick pets are categories for which collars are contraindicated. In some dogs, prolonged wear can cause allergies or dermatitis.

flea collar
Anti-flea collar

Flea sprays have several inconveniences that force many owners to refuse such a remedy. They can get into the eyes and cause irritation; the dog often licks the drug. After treatment, it is advisable to isolate the pet from children and not allow it into your bed for 24 hours.

The shampoo is ineffective as an independent means of combating fleas. Its use allows you to get rid of a certain number of parasites. Therefore, shampoo should be used in conjunction with other drugs. Sometimes, the dog may begin to drool, the mucous membranes may turn red, and possibly nausea. This is how the drug’s side effect manifests itself.

flea shampoo
Anti-flea shampoo

Tablets are straightforward to use as a flea treatment. They can be applied to a pet or given along with food. However, due to the large number of side effects, the drug did not gain popularity among dog breeders.

To prevent fleas from appearing on your dog, treat its fur with a flea preventative every month from March to November.

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