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Alaskan Malamute: breed characteristics

The Alaskan Malamute is a sled dog bred by the Malemiut people of Alaska. Their excellent health, character, and working qualities have won fans worldwide. The Malamute is the symbol of the state.

Alaskan Malamute: characteristics and description

The Alaskan Malamute dog breed has a sort of square body, but at the same time, it is compact, with thick, long, and rough hair. The head is also wild, but the look of the brown eyes is soft and kind. In general, this is not an angry dog.

Malamutes are hot in summer.

The Malamute’s color ranges from light gray to black, including shades in between, and red is also standard. White scorch marks run along the entire bottom of the body. Pure white Alaskan Malamutes are especially beautiful.

This is a reasonably large dog:

  • males at the withers up to 64 cm, weight – up to 38 kg
  • females – up to 59 cm, weight – up to 34 kg

However, these frameworks are very conditional because the main requirement for a dog is strength and endurance.

Malamutes in harness

Video: how malamutes pull sleighs (sleds)

Like the Husky, the Malamute’s character is quite strong and requires training from an early age. I repeat: the Malamute has almost no evil; its impressive appearance alone can lead to flight, but sometimes the dog still snaps. The North does not forgive the weakness of anyone: neither a person nor a dog, so you need to match your genes. Just like a husky, a malamute can disobey you. This is a rather complex dog, which needs to be considered.

Malamute – northern dog

But if you have several dogs of a different breed, you can confidently say that the Malamute will become the leader in the pack. But he did not succeed as a guard dog, and the course of protective guard service can break their psyche.

The Malamute needs severe loads since this breed has spent its entire existence pulling sleds and carrying far from light loads. It is advisable to engage him in some dog sport. In addition, the dog is far from stupid and needs to train its brain.

Alaskan Malamute puppy
Alaskan Malamute puppy

It is highly undesirable to keep a Malamute in an apartment. During heating periods, the dog will suffer from the heat, including skin diseases. And in a private house, they will dig trenches. The Malamute is a social dog; if you leave him alone for too long, he will howl, driving anyone crazy who can’t distance themselves. This breed practically does not bark but rather grumbles.

Difference between Husky and Alaskan Malamute

Malamute breed and husky are often confused. They are very similar. What, then, is their difference?

  • The Malamute is a giant dog with long, coarse hair. Its head is more significant.
  • The Alaskan Malamute is less agile but more robust and more resilient.
  • But the most crucial difference is that the Malamute has a heart drawn on its forehead, while the Husky has an arrow pointing downwards. The Husky also has markings of a primary color near the eyes and has a more stern, mischievous, or cunning look, depending on the situation.
On the left is a malamute, and on the right is a husky

Photo of Alaskan Malamute dog

White malamute
Red Malamute

Video about malamutes

Origins: Alaska
Exterior and colour: Strong build, compact, having a square body index dog, with a coarse, rather long and dense coat.
Classification: Northern sled dogs
Colouring: The color can be black with white, gray with white, ginger with white, white
Character and disposition: Good-natured, agile, intelligent dog.
Wool: Rough
For whom it is suitable: For professionals
Temperament: Sanguine
The Alaskan Malamute is a majestic and powerful breed known for its strength and endurance. With its thick double coat, it can withstand the harshest Arctic climates. Originally bred for sledding and hauling heavy loads, the Alaskan Malamute remains a loyal and intelligent companion today. With their friendly and playful nature, they make great family pets for those with an active lifestyle.

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